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Review of my New Laptop, the Digital Storm Lance

Ah, the joys of computer shopping. Dealing with underpaid stockboys (from anywhere in the world), utterly indifferent management, and machines that work poorly, if at all, when you finally get them. I’ve handled all that nonsense before with larger computer retailers, so last year I decided to go with a smaller, dedicated boutique computer shop–Digital […]

Writing Log #19: Little bits of progress all over the place!

I begin again with a bit of bad news: I didn’t finish chapter 69 over the weekend. I did make progress on it, though, and also, I actually got hit by a blast of inspiration and did some work on chapter 70! That’s the good news 😀 I’m not sure how wise this method of […]   Love this book review.

Real Knowledge

I’ll just leave this here…

A much needed–and hilarious–corrective for people who think Russia’s some epic rising superpower. XD XD

Gunlord’s “The Last Red Shoulder:” Postmortem

As promised, my friends–FINALLY–allow me to present you with a rundown of my thoughts on my most recently completed long-form (the first I actually completed, really) fic–The Last Red Shoulder! Again, you can check out the whole thing here: And, as you might be able to tell from the fact I’m calling this a […]

One-Star Amazon Reviews of Pulitzer Winners

Originally posted on The Junto:
We talk a lot about accessibility in historical writing. Many of us worry whether the academic historical profession has much to say to a broad popular audience. It’s a pretty old form of anxiety. But what do the general public in the United States really want from their history books? A few…


Guys, my friend just finished up her second commissioned picture for me: Braddock from Wayward Son!   I am soooo happy with this 😀 😀 😀 😀

Writing Log #18: A little bit of progress!

As usual, my friends, I didn’t get as much done on Wayward Son as I would have liked, but I have managed to inch forwards a little bit. Got about a thousand words done on it over the past 2 days. The reason progress is so slow is ’cause I’ve been busy TFing! Or TA’ing–some […]

Writing Log #17: Some Progress, though not on my fanfic…

*almost* a little late this Friday, my friends, but not quite! Once again, I give you an entry that has a little bit of good news, a little bit of bad news. The bad news: Got barely any work done on Wayward Son (aside from that awesome commission I showed you guys recently :D) The […]