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Canon Concerns

A slightly meatier entry than my previous ones, friends. It may also be a bit relevant to fanfiction in general, so hopefully of interest to a wide array of writers rather than just Wayward Son fans or even Fire Emblem fans! Today I’ll be discussing how I (tried) to ensure Wayward Son stayed in compliance […]

Gunlord’s favorite writing place and time! And Amazon.com hauls!

A considerably shorter and perhaps more whimsical entry for you today, my friends. Today, I’d like to talk about my favorite places to write! I’ve worked on Wayward Son in all kinds of places. My house, my dorm room in college, my dorm room and apartment in grad school, public areas and Internet cafes, and […]

Writing Log #21: Ahead of schedule!

Things are going pretty well in Gunlord land, my friends–not enough for a long entry, but just enough for a brief description of all the stuff I’ve managed to do! First, in reference to Wayward Son: I’m almost done with chapter 77, a little less than half a month until it’s actually scheduled to be […]

Back in business!

Very good update for you today, my friends: Just posted the latest chapter of Wayward Son! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3133712/74/Wayward-Son For today’s entry, I’d like to talk a little bit about it. Major spoilers ahead, so be careful about reading between the asterisks! ******************************************************* The first thing to note about this chapter is that I wrote it fairly […]

Gunlord’s Greatest Triumph to Date

Like I said last week, my friends, I was pretty busy. But holy crap, did it pay off. First off, I managed to finish the latest chapter of Wayward Son in just about 2 days. Check it out here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3133712/73/Wayward-Son This is important for two reasons. First, with its publication it pushed Wayward Son to […]

Still so busy…

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to really make a good entry for all of you, my friends, but I yet remain swamped with work! Spring Break starts next week, though, so I hope I have time to make a better entry…at least after I get finished grading my classes’ coming midterm :D;;; […]

More Wayward Son art~

Hey guys! Been super busy this Friday, and alas, haven’t ran into any reall pithy quotes in my reading that I thought would be good for this blog. So for today, I’ll be falling back on the work someone else has done–namely, the most excellent Databunny, who’s made some more sketches for me! 😀 😀 […]

More Wayward Son pictures! :D

Hey guys! I’m feeling better, so, as promised a while back, I’m FINALLY ready to show you some of the sketches my friend Databunny has made for me of Wayward Son characters! Check em out: Renault’s mother, Monica, as a Bishop 😀 Renault’s boss, Henken, who has a shady past and figures prominently later in […]

Not much progress, but some…

Somewhat disappointed today, friends, but not too badly so. I haven’t gotten as much work done on my various projects as I’d liked, as I’ve been very busy taking care of some things for a class I’m teaching. However, I’ve managed to accomplish two things: 1: Just about finish up an approximately 5000 word summary […]

Writing Log #20: Bringing Things Together (Inspiration)

Not much to report this week, friends. I got a *little* bit of work done on chapter 70 of Wayward Son this week, but I happened to make a comparatively large amount of progress today. I got maybe a couple hundred words done per day over the past week, but this Friday, I finished just […]