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Living the Good Life, Episode 109 (December 29, 2018): A bittersweet Christmas, 2018…

My Christmas this year wasn’t too bad. Some relatives came over and that kept me busy (couldn’t write or read too much), but otherwise I had a pretty relaxing week watching anime. So why’s it bittersweet? Well, read on… WATCHAN: Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 13: WONDERFUL sendoff! It’s essentially a parody of the Gundam movie, […]

GUEST POST from Tru: Several critiques of Edward Feser and Aristotelian philosophy

Hey guys! Here’s something a little different tonight. A new commenter by the name of tru recently happened upon my posts on Aquinas (specifically, my critiques of Edward Feser’s “The Last Superstition” and “Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide”) and left some really thoughtful comments! You can see them in their original forms here: They […]

New Slaves to Old Darkness, or, Does the Varanspire have a Bakery?

Originally posted on Robbie MacNiven:
Thoughts on Writing Scourge of Fate Anyone involved in either Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 can point to a personal favourite faction in the lore, the side that gives them the greatest enjoyment whether on the tabletop, via the background, or both. I’ve been asked who my own favourite faction is…

Living the Good Life, Episode 108 (December 22, 2018): Very nice productivity, as the days grow warmer!

WHOO! Nice week! Had a lot of fun and got a lot of stuff done! And while it’s not exactly spring, the weather’s much warmer, all the snow has melted. Man, global warming might be real after all ;o Though I shouldn’t speak too soon, we’ll probably get another cold snap in January and February. […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 107 (December 15, 2018): Reasonably productive December nights!

Chilly chilly, but doing well overall 😀 The lowdown: WATCHAN: Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 11: Another amusing episode. Subaru’s new sidekick pilots a plane thing that attaches to Subaru’s mech to power it up, but despite his skill in the simulator, he has stage fright so he messes up Subaru’s plans in battle. Meanwhile, Isuzu’s […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 106 (December 8, 2018): Nice Christmas Season~

Damn cold and pretty snowy, but life’s good again 😀 WATCHAN: Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 10: Haha, back to the sort of stuff I like. In this episode we see the evil dictator of the antagonist nation, Metus, who’s a parody of Gihren from Gundam–and it’s great! He gives a big speech like Gihren did, […]

Living the Busy Life, Episode 5 (December 1, 2018): Back to relaxin!

Well, one bit of good news-this ought to be my last ‘living the busy life’ entry for a while. The thing that kept me busy is over, at least for now. Still can’t talk about it much, but maybe in time I’ll be able to. So here’s what I did for the last week: WATCHAN: […]