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Musings on Religion (x-posted to my tumblr)

There’s an old quote from the Christian author and apologist C.S. Lewis that a lot of folks–Christians and conservatives, sure, but others as well–seem to like. I think it’s this one: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live […]

Horror reviews!

As promised, friends, here are all the reviews I left on for the horror novels I bought on Kindle recently! 😀   The Specimen: Let me get the bad out of the way first. The writing in this story doesn’t rise far above ‘competent’ (indeed, any book with a chapter titled “The Man With […]

Writing Log #21: Ahead of schedule!

Things are going pretty well in Gunlord land, my friends–not enough for a long entry, but just enough for a brief description of all the stuff I’ve managed to do! First, in reference to Wayward Son: I’m almost done with chapter 77, a little less than half a month until it’s actually scheduled to be […]

What it Really Means to be on the Right Side of History

Originally posted on That Devil History:
Presumably, by “traditional marriage,” these folks mean the right have roughly 700 wives — just like King Solomon did in the Bible. The “right” side of history. It’s a refrain we’re hearing a lot these days, especially since the tyrannical, unelected, black-robed demon horde known as the Supreme Court…

My Faith: A Journey and Mission

Originally posted on Padre Steve's World: Official Home of the Anti-Chaps:
Friends of Padre Steve’s World Today I am writing because a couple of days ago I celebrated the nineteenth anniversary of my ordination to the Priesthood. Likewise, I have a lot of new readers and subscribers to the site, as well as a…

Tons of horror!

Not a large entry for you today, my friends. I’ll just keep you abreast of something I’ve been doing a lot of recently: Reading horror novels! I bought a bunch for my Kindle and then several physical books as well (which cost a pretty penny). Here’s my haul: Physical: Unseaming Mike Allen The Beautiful Thing […]

Early American Military Theorists: Mahan & Halleck

Originally posted on Padre Steve's World: Official Home of the Anti-Chaps:
Friends of Padre Steve’s World Something a bit different. Again this is a part of one of the chapters of my Gettysburg and Civil War text, but this time dealing with two men who were the first American military theorists, Dennis Hart Mahan,…