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Gunlord’s Favorite Harlock Quotes

One of my favorite animes is Space Pirate Captain Harlock, a pretty old TV series from the 70s conceived by the famous Leiji Matsumoto. It definitely shows its age: The animation isn’t great and the show can be quite cheesy at times, being a kid’s cartoon series and all. Still, the character of Harlock himself […]

Author’s Notes for “The Confessor”

Next week, I will be posting the sixth and final chapter for one of my smaller fics on FFn, “The Confessor.” It takes place on the continent of Jugdral, in the world of Fire Emblem 4. It’s actually only the second FE4 fic I’ve written, despite FE4 being probably my favorite Fire Emblem and the […]

On Reviews

I’m known as a rather prolific reviewer around the FE section of, as I’ve mentioned before. Today I’d like to talk about why I leave reviews so much, along with some general advice on reviewing, at least on FFn. The main reason I leave so many reviews is out of a sense of giving […]

Fansubbing and Virtue

(X-posted to the /m/subs forum) As you may have garnered from my post on love, dear readers, I have a habit of getting somewhat introspective whenever something changes in my life, or whenever I’ve finished with something or began a new stage in my journey. That just happened yesterday, so today I’ll be providing my […]

Updates to my Fanfics, Music and My Writing

Updates to all my fanfictions, friends! Check em out: Anyways, here’s a brief fanfic-related musing and question for y’all this Friday. I’ve been having some unfortunate writer’s block recently, but I think I’ve managed to get back into the “writing groove,” so to speak. Just got a few hundred words done on […]