Monthly Archives: November 2015

Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 1 (and bonus Thanksgiving Thoughts!)

Like I promised last week, my friends, here’s an update on how my dissertation is going. This entry will be a little sparse, since I’m A: pretty busy, and B: not sure how much I can divulge about my dissertation, I’ll have to ask my advisors. Before then, though, I’ll just put a brief description […]


The themes of Wayward Son

Well, everyone, it’s finally over. After over nine years and one million words, Wayward Son is finally completed. Lord, is it a relief. All that work finally come to fruition. I’ve already said a lot on other places–my Livejournal (now abandoned), the Writer’s Guild, places like that. I don’t need to repeat it here. […]

On Writing: Making Renault Believable

Wayward Son is progressing well, my friends–very well indeed. I’ve already finished up chapters 81 and 82, and I’ll get started on the final chapter soon. I hadn’t expected to make this much progress, which means I may end up posting a lot of my Wayward Son entries *after* I finish the series, not before. […]

My Favorite Scenes in Wayward Son

Hey guys! After such a big entry last time, I thought I’d be a little easier on myself with a smaller entry tonight. I’ll just quickly list off my favorite scenes in Wayward Son 😀 This will be in the order that I liked them, not necessarily their order in the fic itself, so watch […]

Manosphere Mondays #7: An Irony of the Manosphere

It’s been a while, but inspired by discussions I’ve been having with some friends of mine, I thought I’d offer a quick bit of manosphere-related silliness for you today, loyal readers. I’ll be briefly talking about a concept the manosphere (and the alt-right in general, for that matter) is so fond of: “The Red Pill.” […]