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Living the Good Life, Episode 147 (January 26, 2020, College Saga Interlude): So ends my winter break…

This was a good week too, but tomorrow it’s back to battle…Semester 2 of college beckons! EATAN: TIMAN: Nothin this week. WATCHAN: 1917, the new WWI movie from the UK! It was REALLY good–not sure if kino, but definitely cinema. It wastes almost no time, we’re introduced to […]

[Anime News Network] “A Song of Refugees and Fire”

Originally posted on therefore it is:
Non-management: I work at a school in Japan, at the moment of this writing. I assist in teaching English, and one of my English teaching colleagues here loves to play English songs to the students before starting each class of hers. In particular, I’ve heard “We Are the World”…

Living the Good Life, Episode 146 (January 19, 2020, College Saga Interlude): Nice 2020 chillin!

Another nice, relaxing week :thumbsup: EATAN:   TIMAN: YES! Starseeker and my great QC, Tougewolf, just finished up ep 41 of Dragonar! Good times ;D WATCHAN:  Nothin this week, busy implementing Touge’s changes 😀 PLAYAN: Subnautica again for some reason. I just really like crafting nice, peaceful, picaresque bases. Although I’ve found that […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 145 (January 12, 2020, College Saga Interlude): More 2020 chillin!

Nice, relaxing week :thumbsup: EATAN: TIMAN: Star’s workin on the next ep of dragonar, hopefully itll be out soon 😀 WATCHAN: Underwater, the new deep ocean horror movie starring Kirsten Stewart (the Twilight lady). It was actually pretty good, considerably better than I expected, though not as good as the classics off […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 144 (January 05, 2020, College Saga Interlude): 2020 dawns!

A restful week, though not an especially productive one. I rang in the new year (and new decade) by just relaxin~ EATAN:   TIMAN: Nothin this week. WATCHAN:  Nothin, might watch stuff next week. PLAYAN: Mainly tons of Subnautica again. READAN: Nothing, really. WRITAN/WORKAN: Got this entry out: Yep, like […]

The Dream Is Over, Though Not Dead (Gunlord’s Kickstarter Retrospective)

Well, I hadn’t mentioned this in December, but with the release of Phoenix Point, pretty much every project I kickstarted (Over 80%) has been mostly completed, one way or another. Nearly all of them still have stretch goals and DLC to meet, of course, but at this point, with the exception of Xenonauts 2 and […]