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What kinda jerb do I actually want? (Introspection)

Grr…well, as y’all know, I’m not back at college *solely* for the challenge. I’ve gotta start thinking about how to ply this CS degree into a job… But here’s the thing. What kinda job do I really want? And what kind do I really need? A few years back I was pretty obsessed with money. […]

Goals for College the Second Time Around (Winning Too Hard, Part 3 of ?)

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, there’s a section in my College Saga entries titled “Miscellaneous Goals.” I realized I didn’t explain that much, so I’ll do so now. One reason I think I had so much trouble in college, and why I haven’t had the best of luck in the job hunt, is […]

Gunlord Job Saga, Episode 1 (April 27, 2018): Very tough work, softened only by wonderful warm weather.

Hoof…the most unambiguously good thing that happened to me this week is icy winter weather suddenly–and I mean really suddenly-giving way to lovely warm summer/springtime weather. That feels good! But aside from that, tough times in general. On the one hand, I got a job offer. And when I was introduced to the folks who […]