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Writing Log #10

Reasonably pleased with my progress on Wayward Son, brothers and sisters. Once again, not up to the 10K words per day I used to be able to pull, but I’m improving. I got just about 4000 words written on Sunday, spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday writing these blog entries, and then managed to get just […]

Why I Don’t Fear Elliot Rodgers, and What We Should Have Done About Him

The manospherians/misogynists have been going full damage control in the wake of the Isla Vista shootings. They’ve been trying pretty hard to punt him out of their camp. I can’t say I entirely blame them. No-one wants to be associated with lunatics, regardless of whether or not they actually are. But the really weird thing […]

Misogyny and Misandry

This entry will be the second-to-last of my Elliot Rodgers/misogyny series. After the next one, I’m gonna stay away from gender-related topics for a while, I’m already getting sick of ‘em. But here, I’ll be a little more positive…to start with, at least. I want to talk about something I read in a buddy’s blog […]

The Futility of Appeasement

A quick look at a fairly distasteful subject today, my friends. A lot of people who, if not part of the “manosphere,” seem sympathetic to it, are claiming Elliot’s rampage wouldn’t have happened if the “sexual marketplace” wasn’t so horribly “oppressive” for guys like him. Roosh V made this very argument; you can read a […]

Giving Up on Misogyny

I’m not particularly fond of talking about the manosphere on this blog, or speaking on its related ideas and concepts, of which misogyny is one. It can be an interesting exercise on occasion, but I had believed it unwise to spend too much time and energy on such matters. That’s why I only posted about […]

Writing Log #9

Mmmm…not as much progress as I would have liked, but yet again, not little enough to really disappoint me. I got about 5000 words done on Wayward Son’s latest chapter this week, when I was hoping to get 5000 words done on it per day. However, I’ve also put a lot of work into the […]


  Haha, I must apologize, my friends, for the picture in this post is a bit misleading. I won’t be talking about Cars, the main antagonist of the second part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Instead, I’ll be talking about literal cars—specifically, the new one I got earlier this week! At the beginning of this month […]

Quick post for this Friday

Alas, once again–spent too much time playing Sins of a Solar Empire this week to be super productive, even when it comes to writing my own blog! Curse my laziness T_T I’ll just leave you with a quick post today, friends. Next week will be better 😀 1: Found this great review of Dark Souls […]

Manosphere Mondays #6: Book Recommendation

Haven’t caught much manosphere/MGTOW stuff recently that really interested me, but I do have a book recommendation for y’all that’s related to some manosphere issues. It’s “Freedom Is Not Enough: The Moynihan Report and America’s Struggle over Black Family Life–from LBJ to Obama” by James T. Patterson. I might do a full book review later, […]

More Thoughts on Demon’s and Dark Souls

Alas, my friends, I didn’t get as much writing done last week as I’d hoped. Why? I got caught up in the Souls games again. Not Dark Souls 2, this time. Caught up in a rush of nostalgia, I decided to replay the heck out of Demon’s Souls and spent many hours on it. …And […]