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Living the Driven Life, Episode 177 (Dec 24 – Dec 30, 2022): 2022 ends with a snowpocalypse!

Nother good week, but not thanks to the weather XD Saturday: Friday’s snow day? Just a prelude to the BIIIIG blizzard today. Complete whiteout, I HAD to stay home. Still, just more time to play Tactics Ogre. Thankfully the power didn’t go out or anything, so today gets an A for being lucky lucky 😀 […]


Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 95 (Jun 05- Jun 11, 2022): Week 3 of tough summer…

Tough… STUFF TO DO: Communications business! This is a hands on course cause its summer, I’ll be actually doing work rather than just studying–calls and emails, that sorta thing. Sunday: Nother day of just relaxing. A- Monday: I ALMOST screwed up badly at work, but by some miracle my mistake with the machine didn’t affect […]