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Living the Good Life, Episode 90 (July 14, 2018): The end of another anime, another notch to put on my MAL account…

VERY nice week, my friends! Both fun and productive! Here’s the lowdown… WATCHAN: Darling in the Franxx ep. 24 (Final): Well, this was…an ending. So after warping through the dimensional gate, Hiro and Diebuster 02 have to spend like 3 years traveling through space, and in the meanwhile their comrades have children (Mitsuru and Kokoro […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 73 (March 2, 2018): SOME Secret Project Progress!

Decent week this week, though it’s getting cold again 😦 WATCHAN: Darling in the Franxx Ep. 7: No mecha action in this one, it’s a beach episode! You know what that means, fanservice and frolicing. Well, a couple plot points were revealed: First, in this society, love and sex are apparently completely unknown, the protagonists […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 72 (February 23, 2018): Very nice amount of writan completed!

Very nice week this time! I hope all of ’em go this well… WATCHAN: Darling in the FranXX ep. 6: This was a fun episode. Most of it taken up by fighting, of course, but the bit of dialogue also reveals a little about Zero-2’s reasons for fighting. As expected, the good guys have to […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 71 (February 16, 2018): More fun, more productivity, though not a happy Valentine’s day…

I’ve had a great week, brothers and sisters, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. Here’s the good stuff that happened to me: WATCHAN: Darling in the FranXX Episode 5: No mecha fighting in this one, but it did provide some background info on the world, setting, and also why Zero-2 is so […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 69 (February 2, 2018): Snowing again D:

Not a bad week, though it’s snowing again, which sucks. Ah, well. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Ep. 4 of the Junji Ito collection. The first episode was some really frightening body horror stuff about a cursed jade statue, and the second part involved a creepy puppet with a life of its own. Both parts were pretty […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 68 (January 26, 2018): Little better, little better…

Well, this week wasn’t as cold as the last few, I’ve not been sick at all, and I’ve been having more fun! Here’s the lowdown.. WATCHAN: Junji Ito collection ep 3: Man, now THIS was scary! I really found myself getting unnerved a couple of times. The first story was a very spooky, straight-up ghost […]

Wayward Son Wednesdays–Author’s Notes!

Not a post about my dissertation today, friends–that’ll come on Friday. Rather, it’s to correct a *little* bit of disappointment I had with the course of Wayward Son. See, I’d intended to post several more entries about it before finishing it off–but as it happened, I managed to get it out super quickly, completing it […]

The themes of Wayward Son

Well, everyone, it’s finally over. After over nine years and one million words, Wayward Son is finally completed. Lord, is it a relief. All that work finally come to fruition. I’ve already said a lot on other places–my Livejournal (now abandoned), the Writer’s Guild, places like that. I don’t need to repeat it here. […]

On Writing: Making Renault Believable

Wayward Son is progressing well, my friends–very well indeed. I’ve already finished up chapters 81 and 82, and I’ll get started on the final chapter soon. I hadn’t expected to make this much progress, which means I may end up posting a lot of my Wayward Son entries *after* I finish the series, not before. […]

My Favorite Scenes in Wayward Son

Hey guys! After such a big entry last time, I thought I’d be a little easier on myself with a smaller entry tonight. I’ll just quickly list off my favorite scenes in Wayward Son 😀 This will be in the order that I liked them, not necessarily their order in the fic itself, so watch […]