Monthly Archives: February 2019

Living the Good Life, Episode 117 (February 23, 2019): Sort of in a funk…

Hmm…not a bad week, but I didn’t get much done like I’d hoped. Am I in a funk? Let’s see… WATCHAN: Golden Wind ep. 20: Not much to say about this episode, but boy, it was an important one. We have a flashback to Bucciarati’s past–he stayed with his father after his parents divorced, and […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 116 (February 16, 2019): Excitement!

Nice this week–not too much snow, or at least not as much as the last coupla weeks. The lowdown… WATCHAN: Golden Wind ep. 19: Cool fight. Going into the canal was a bad idea because the villain, Ghiaccio, just freezes all the water, so Giorno and Mista have to get out ASAP–Giorno’s hand is turned […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 115 (February 9, 2019): Little nicer weather…

Man…when it rains, it pours, though in this case, it’s like “when it snows, it’s windy too.” No blizzards this week, but it was so windy they had a weather warning out and I couldn’t go out much. Ah, well… WATCHAN: Golden Wind ep. 18: This one starts off scary…one of Melone’s associates is talking […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 114 (February 2, 2019): Blizzards suck!

God damn! A blizzard hit my neck of the woods this week, so I couldn’t really do much besides hang around the house all day. Ah, well…I’ll be more productive once the bad weather ends. Man, I’m getting tired of winter :[ WATCHAN: Golden Wind ep. 17: Oh shit, this episode started off really creepy. […]