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Living Well is the Best Revenge

Yet another non-fanfiction related entry for you today, O valued readers. This time, I’ll be talking about a somewhat old, clichéd aphorism. Despite its age, I’ve found it still has a great deal of relevance to my life. The saying goes like this: “The best revenge is living well.” Perhaps “somewhat” old was inaccurate–this phrase […]


No ruminations on fanfiction today, my friends. This entry is going to be on something a little different, inspired by a somewhat unhappy event which occurred just Wednesday night. We’ll be back to our normal schedule next week, though I must warn you I’m almost done with my fanfic-related entries—that I have in my backlog, […]

Things I Like and Things I’d Change about Wayward Son

As promised last week, my friends, today I offer you more perspectives on Wayward Son. Specifically, I’ll be talking about what I, as an author, like the most about my work and what I think I did really well, along with what I believe are its flaws and what I would change or do differently […]

Gunlord’s Perspectives on Writing an “Epic” fanfic

Wayward Son was started on August 31, 2006. In just under two months, it will be the seventh year I have been working on this story. Over the course of those seven years, Wayward Son has grown far, far larger than I ever intended it to. At the moment, it is 780, 583 words long, […]

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