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Writing Log #7: Unexpected Amalgamations

Disappointment and satisfaction this week, my friends. On the one hand, disappointment: Rather than a bunch of chapters, I only managed to (mostly) finish one of Wayward Son. On the other hand, this one chapter encompasses what was originally planned out to be 4 separate chapters! So, while I would have liked to have gotten […]

Quick Thoughts on Dark Souls II (x-posted to some of my other forums)

No writing log for you today, friends. I just got (the collector’s edition) Dark Souls II last week, and I’ve been playing it a lot! Not to the exclusion of my other responsibilities, fortunately—I’ve gotten a lot of good work done on Wayward Son XD However, I think I’ve made enough progress that I can […]

You guys gotta read this

Click to access JapaneseAnimationGuide.pdf A good academic study on mecha anime, commissioned by a Japanese institute for the study of culture and translated by Matt Alt. Relevant to my interests, and relevant to a few of yours, I’d wager. 8)

Writing Log #6: Slow but Steady

Once again, I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like. Dark Souls II has eaten into much of my time, and I’ve been doing a lot of reading as well. However, I have made a little bit of progress on Wayward Son, and that little bit pleases me (thus the title of this entry!). […]

Writing Log #5: Plot plot plot!

Once again, I haven’t gotten too much writing done this week, but I’m not too sad. Work on the plot and background for the upcoming chapters of Wayward Son is proceeding well enough, I think. Next week I hope I can really get jump-started on the actual writing…gonna aim for a chapter finished a week, […]

Manosphere Mondays #4: Herbivores and MGTOW

Hot on the heels of my recent book review, I’d like to spend this “Manosphere Monday” expanding on the fourth essay there. Specifically, I’ll be detailing the differences between Japanese “Herbivorous Men” and the MGTOWs I’ve described before. Why is this important? Because the MGTOWs seem to have latched on to the herbivores. To be […]