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As I promised Ellie earlier today, here’s an off-topic page, you guys! Feel free to post whatever you want here (within limits, of course, no [untagged] porn or illegal stuff, lol). If you wanna talk about something but can’t find the right post to do it, whether it’s random manosphere silliness or whatever, post here 🙂



  1. Huzzah! A place to share silliness. And talk about my favorite breed of human (the Asian reactionary) :p

  2. I think it may also have something to do with Asian culture. Just going off the top of my head and my own experiences, a lot of Japanophiles have been drawn into the reactionary or even white nationalist spheres. I’ve seen a few white guys with anime avatars and stuff like that talk about “neoreaction” and all that.

    1. Like john derbyshire! Though he’s a sinophile. And a bit racist. Towards Asian even.

      If there was ever a white male/Asian female relationship I would be wary of, it’s his.

      I think many white nationalists envy Japan’s conservatism and xenophobia.

      1. Yes, exactly. In fact, I think one of the big honcho WNs–well, “race realists,” as they call themselves–Jared Taylor, is a big fan of Japan’s xenophobic tendencies.

      2. Yes, exactly.

        Lol, you should do a post on the phenomena of Asian male reactionaries…

        I know that there a tiny minority. Hell, most asian (and white) guys I know irl would be disgusted by it. But it is still unsettling.

        That self esteem, tho:

      3. Jared Taylor was born in japan and I believe speaks fluent Japanese…

        Honesty, over time, I’ve come to see him more and more as an idiot with an agenda. This is contrasted with about two years ago where I wondered if he had a point. Now I think, bigot. Despite the erudite rationalizing.

  3. The Bay Area is one weird ass place

    Not to be ableist, but why am I not surprised autism and asperger’s are over represented there

    1. I might do a write-up on that someday, but I think a very disproportionate amount of “redpillers” are autistic. I hasten to add that most autistic people aren’t like that; you could modify the old saying to go “Most redpillers are autists, but most autists aren’t redpillers.”

      Long story short, many of the particular traits of autistic folks make “dark enlightenment” or “red-pill” philosophy particularly attractive to them. They’re often intelligent and very good at particular subjects, typically mathematics, logic, etc., but disadvantaged in the social and emotional fields. Naturally, any philosophy which valorizes the particular skills useful on IQ tests (or software engineering) and demonizes as “effeminate” social and emotional competency would be appealing to people on the autistic spectrum.

      1. Making autists look bad since ever

      2. I’m following the Kate minter drama on cinzia’s blog and mark showed up.

        Is it weird if I feel that something’s… off? About the dynamic

      3. On Kate and mark, and related….

        I’m starting to wonder if many manisphereans are truly beyond the garden variety asshole/terrible person. As in, I’m starting to entertain the possibility that maybe they truly have personality disorders, sociopathy, or other stuff that sets them apart for the typical neurotypical dickish person. Or if they’re just so deep in the rut they’d rather stay in it.

  4. Oops sorry gunlord, can you delete the link?

    It seems I grossly overestimated your intelligence. Circular logic is where the premise and conclusion are identical and where the premise is unproven. Allow me to walk you through it.

    1) Dota is a misogynist thus
    2) Ancient literature and civ are misogynous because
    3) Dota invokes it and
    4) Dota is a misogynist.

    1 = 4. You end up where you started.

    either you misinterpreted the bullshit or the bullshit is mysogynist.

    That second option wasn’t part of your first post where you had your liberal knee jerk reaction and wrote of world civilization as misogynist. You added it to your later posts because you clearly figured out that your logic was circular and that someone might call bullshit.

    Claiming you were talking about women in general is bending reality.

    No it isn’t. I’ve always talked about women in general on this website. See here, and here.

    No you were talking about liberals and conservatives in the american sense of those words;

    Yes I was; and that is because liberals in North America have the most retarded approach to women. Politicians in the rest of the world (liberals included) see women for what they are and understand their nature. That’s because they come from cultures that are normal and healthy, albeit backward in other aspects. Is this so hard to follow?

    I provided evidence that the people that professionally “observe reality for what it is and then draw their conclusions from it” are overwhelmingly liberal.

    And I pointed out that Scientists and researchers in the US and Canada are not unaffected by commie PC tyranny.

    Why not just admit you are a mysogynist asshole?

    I will once you admit you are whiny, entitled, and solipsistic liberal with an external locus of control the radius of Manhattan.

    Also, watch the tone, else you will get banned. You have been warned. If this website gets your panties in a bunch, you ought to stick to commenting within the echo chambers of Jezebel. They’ll keep you safe from that nasty thing known as an opposing viewpoint.

      1. You mean the non-donotlink one, right? Yeah, I deleted it. Anyways, that dota guy seems like a real pompous tool. Still, this is why I generally don’t comment on manosphere/alt-right/reactionary blogs. No point engaging with those people, really.

      2. Dota: making desi guys look bad since ever

      3. 10 bucks says Dota treats his arranged marriage wife in ways that would be considered unacceptable by Canadian standards

  5. The stupid, it burns :

    That comment section

    1. This is great idea, isn’t it gunlord?????????? ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ~_^

      1. Sounds like an idea the Dalrockistanis would like. That said, from the article it’s heartening to see that the men don’t like it much either.

      2. How is the donotlink link for ya?

      3. The Saudi link from mined from the donotlink comments here:

        That special snowflake syndrome is making me vomit

      4. Yeah, I can see the donotlink things just fine. HBDchick seems to be a real charmer. Just from the way “she” talks, it wouldn’t surprise me if “she” is actually some fat dude IRL playing neoreactionary tards by telling them exactly what they want to hear. XD

  6. Dota is a fucking toolbag(in response to some guy pissed that his niece is acting like a typical teenager)

    I can’t in good conscience give you any advice since I’m not a parent. I do know that girls are a hassle to raise since society doesn’t hold them up to any standards. But I just don’t have any advice to give.

    1. NRs and manospambots hate hate hate the prospect of having daughters. They’re pretty much the distaff version of the crazy radical feminists who say women should abort their sons.

      1. lionoftheblogosphere/half sigma is one of the most openly obnoxious of the reactionary blogs. Though to be really honest, after I realized his real identity (it was published a few times on other alt-right blogs) and saw his facebook I couldn’t stay annoyed at him but could only LOLOLOL

        And to be fair about the open obnoxiousness, he’s pretty open about being an aspie, so….

        Reading reactionary blogs is making me prejudiced against aspies and autists, and it makes me feel really bad :/

      2. I wouldn’t feel too bad about it–truth be told I’ve come close to feeling the same way. Just remember what I said earlier: Most reactionaries may be autists, but most autists may not be reactionaries.

        (BTW, you’re i_trip_over_hurdles on Reddit, I assume? :D)

    2. Да, I am hurdles 🙂

      That fucking comment section:

      “Women should never have been emancipated”

      1. I got a kick out of shmiggen mhow’s last comment there. Manospherians say all the time that xXxEngineerSxXx are better than everyone else and that in a just society, they’d get laid like tile. But some girl wants to marry an engineer, and apparently she just wants a “utility.” Sheesh. Can’t win with those guys.

      2. Steve’s a real character

        Is it bad that I am never surprised anymore when an online reactionary happens to be a big gamer as well? This guy, for example. Multiple accounts for various video games:

        Gonna vent, but god fucking damnit gunlord, I despite asian reactionaries.

        Well, speaking of feeling bad about becoming prejudiced against aspies, I guess I’m feeling similarly about Asian men now. Though I guess I must remember, just like most aspies aren’t reactionaries, neither are most Asian American men.

        Also, heartiste is really overthinking it:

      3. I think it’s half and half with videogames. There’s certainly a very large contingent of racist/misogynistic guys who like games, but on the other hand, a lot of neoreactionary guys call them “degenerate” or “escapist” or something like that. I play a lot of videogames too (look at my post history and you’ll see me in the Xenonauts, Bloodborne, Vindictus, etc. subreddits), so I’m not much fond of either group.

        That said, thinking about it, I wonder if you’re focusing too much on the Asian-American NRs. Sure, there are a disproportionate number of them, but not *that* many. The vast, *vast* majority of the NRs are white. Besides Dota and the ones you’ve shown me, I can’t think of too many. And even then, I think “despising” these guys may be an extreme reaction. They’re definitely odious, and I’m more than willing to return the favor if and when they ever resort to force, but until that point, it’s better to laugh at them and learn from their errors rather than spend much time and energy hating them. I certainly understand how you feel, though. A little bit of hate may be just the ticket to keep them from gaining power as they once did in Germany, Imperial Japan, etc.

      4. I see your point. Like I said above, funnily enough, I was getting pissed at Lion of teh blogosphere until I found out his real identity. Finding that out and seeing who he actually was, well, I couldn’t really stay mad at him. LOLOLOL

        I suppose I focus a lot of Asian male NR’s because I am Asian. But also because they’re like the only-non-white ones. 😛

        r/asianamerican can be a cesspit, though again, a good portion are alright.

        I think, as someone who is usually a total pacifist marshmellow, NR is something what may drive me to actually fight against something should push ever come to shove. Though, I doubt that’ll happen.

        The bay area is a weird place… I know it’s stereotyped as a liberal, granola, type of place, but it’s also the hub of NR’s. Dafuq?


        Yes, video games are fun, though I haven’t played many. I was addicted to DDR for several years, haha

      5. The bay area’s full of NRs because it’s where the tech companies are. There was a great article about this the other day, you might have seen it already:

      6. Speaking of which, have you heard of Claire Lehmann? She seems to be somewhat popular with reactionaries, though she dosn’t strike me as all that reactionary. She seems to me a ‘Christina Hoff Sommers’ pro-evolutionary psychology political moderate if anything.

      7. I’ve heard of Claire Lehmann, yes, though I haven’t paid much attention to her. I’ve seen that “Rational Male” guy retweet her a lot, though, which always amuses me. His whole schtick is that women are deceitful subhumans who should never be trusted, and yet he chums up to her and Judgybitch on Twitter. Go figure, eh?

    3. Ahhhh yes, Rollo. Well, reactionaries thrive on the few women they have, interestingly.

      I always thought it was weird, because in a really back-handed way, these guys worship women. They hate women, yet devote their lives and a disporportionate amount of energy around women.

      Many societies are misogynistic, but they don’t hate women in the sense that they want to avoid them. They neeeeeeed women, they want women around. The most misogynistic guys can still crave female attention, female validation. Sure, they may treat the women in their lives like shit, but would they avoid women the way a racist may avoid minorities? No….

      Unfortunately, I think both genders are guilty of perpetuating sexist status quos, sadly…

      That article. I am so thankful it does not have a comments section 😛

      1. You’re exactly right about men who hate women being obsessed with them. I have a big list of quotes about manospherians you might like:

        The most relevant:

        “I find it odd that these guys want to dismiss women from their lives, but every one of them that I’ve heard from goes on and on about women this, women that. The philosophy is supposed to be about doing what you want, but clearly some of them want to be with women and are only behaving in a way that contradicts social expectations, rather than ignores them.”

        And this:

        “I didn’t know that men bitching about women on the internet and crying about their missing foreskins with other unemployable dudes had anything to do with bliss. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

        You’d think that if they were serious about living apart from women and going their own way there’d be at least one men’s only homestead that you could buy a small cabin on for a few thousand bucks and live in exchange for farm labor, but I guess crying about how its unfair that women don’t love chubby manlets is easier than actually going your own way.”

        XD XD XD

        (P.S: Don’t even bother replying to that dumb MGTOW commenter there. I’m just glad he’s gone and would prefer not to go through the trouble of banning him if he comes back)

    4. That is a great article! As for why the few NR women are fawned over (like Hddchick above) I thought this was an interesting explanation:

  7. How I feel when I see people like Dota…

    I worry about his wife, since he’s recently in an arranged marriage…

    “I’ve always thought the phrase “losing faith in humanity” was too dramatic, overused and self-righteous. I mean, look at me. I am placing this comment on a messaging board that wouldn’t even be there if the shittiest people you can imagine didn’t exist.

    I finally understand what it means to lose faith in humanity. Something heavy in my head fell over as I read the comments below that article. These harmless, innocent people get hit with the most terrible outrage a human should never have to endure, she writes an article explaining how she feels about it, and people still have the gall to actually defend the shit that she gets?

    And this is where the realization set in. The constant stream of highly upvoted garbage on this site, heck, on the internet, whether it is mild or extreme. The amount of people who espouse these terrible, terrible views. These are real people. Reddit is filled with the shittiest people from all over the world and there are thousands of them. When I walk around the university where I go to study, and when I see the huge number of people there, it’s almost impossible not to
    imagine there is one of those people among them.

    I just wonder how many people I know are secretly this bitter, angry and misguided, but I don’t think I really want to know. I have always assumed/hoped that these kinds of people were in the minority, but I keep seeing more and more evidence of there being a larger-than-expected amount of shitty people. I am truly starting to doubt my worldview.”

  8. Speaking of aspies/autists though, someone mentioned that an aspie/autist guy is more likely to be a pedastalizer of women than a NR type…

    Like this guy? Yes, he is open about being autist. I believe he’s a Middle Aged guy who craves a relationship, but turns women off. Maybe there’s a nice woman out there?

    1. Oh God, the secularpatriarchy guy. I have no idea what’s up with him, he might be an aspie, but then again, he’s just so out there maybe he’s just plain crazy. Or trolling. Hard to tell (Poe’s law and all that).

      1. He told me he indeed is autistic so…

      2. Haha, maybe so. That said, just as a word of advice, I *strongly* recommend not engaging with those people, at least if you can avoid it. If one of them gets up in your face and won’t leave you alone, then sure, try to ward him off. There’s one guy who’s annoying a lot of people on Twitter and I fear I may have to step in soon. But there’s no point heading over to NR or manosphere hives on your own accord–that might incite their swarming behavior, that is to say, harassment, mobbing, etc.

      3. Lol, yep. Who is the harassing twitter guy? I know judgybitch the feMRA was banned for harassment, but I’m not following twitter these days…

        Hey, are you following my reddit account? I noticed you posted after me in asianamerican haha

        Secular Patriarchy’s writing style strikes me as classic aspie/autistic. Be careful talking to him because every one of his replies to you will be novel length. Then again, most of the entire misogynist-sphere strikes me as aspie-ish. They employ an overly analytical, almost robotic way of seeing human relations, like humans are a tech device or something :/ I mean, look at r/theredpill. Besides the anger and bitterness, I could read most of their shit in robot-voice 😛

        *robotic voice* Feeeeemale is angry at me. My calculations indicate I must input 8 ounces of dread game right into the ear hole, which should yield an output of 23 blow jobs.

        And yes, r/asianmasculinity is a sub :/

      4. Ian Ironwood. I have a friend on Twitter (Tim Marsh) who got into a scuffle with him a few weeks ago. Looking at Ian’s twitter, he’s still pretty loud. I’m content to ignore him, but I might be forced to tell him off if he annoys my friend again, or even me personally.

        Haha, I did look at your posting history XD As an Asian man, I’m trying to find some positive resources/role models for fitness, self improvement, that sort of thing. I’m trying to lose weight and get fit, the stereotype of the weak “feminine” asian man annoys me. Is asianmasculinity much good, or is it full of TRPers? :/

        That said, I know a guy on Youtube who’s pretty cool. Check out “Frank Yang” sometime, he is *fit.* Though his philosophy is pretty weird…it’s not TRP, as far as I can tell, but it’s this stream of consciousness stuff I find more funny than anything else XD

      5. r/asianmasculinity is basically TRP for Asians :/

        Yeah, I was surprised that my comment on AA got some love. I was expecting it to get downvoted to oblivion. I think Elliot Rodger definately needs to be apart of AA discourse, and it annoys me to see so many AA’s trying to deny and distance Elliot Rodger from AA discourse.

        Good luck! I’ll check out Frank Yang. I’m actually a fan of many AA youtubers like kevjumba, justkiddingfilms, etc who are able to be entertaining and sometimes tackle heavy shit with grace and humor.

        Remember the golden NR role, gunlord. You Asians may not be dumb like those damn n*ggers, but ya’ll are a bunch of effeminate uncreative beta pussies cause biotroofs. White man is just right! White man belongs on top!

        As for losing weight, I suggest heavy lifting. You need to work in at least some intense exercise at least a few times a week, don’t do just pure cardio stuff. Also, this is just me, but I never go for ‘artificial’ low-calorie sweeteners or anything. Just eat the real thing :/ Replace white carbs with complex ones if you can.

      6. And the stereotype, that I feel ashamed of slowly developing, of the misogynistic, white-worshiping, racist Asian male makes me even more pissed 😛

        r/fitness, also has some decent stuff, just stay out of the forums, especially the misc. one :/

    1. You mean the bigwowo guy? The article seems to be criticizing Asian HBDers, not joining in with them, from what I’ve read. That said, bigwowo seems cool, I might keep an eye on that blog.

    2. No, the guys he’s talking about. Bigwowo seems to be a cool guy.I thought it was an interesting post concerning the psychology of Asian NRs

      1. Oh, in that case, yeah 🙂

      2. Da, and LOL

        “Asian of reason” seems to have completely dropped off the radar since then, though. the old link to his blog is now a fashion blog 😛

      3. LOL. Well, to be honest, my feelings on “HBD” are probably not as condemnatory as bigwowo’s (or perhaps yours) may be–I’m willing to entertain the possibility “biological” differences between races exist. Where I part ways with guys like the “Asian of Reason” is the extent to which those differences exist. If they do, I don’t think they’re anywhere near as large as they’re made out to be. In fact–and I think I may make a post about this time–the most damnable aspect of segregation and all the “race realist” policies those guys supported was that they *exacerbated* the same dysfunctions their KKK-wannabe supports claim they were supposed to defuse.

    3. Lol

      [–]proper_b_wayne [score hidden] 3 hours ago*
      This is a pretty shitty statement to make. There are so many things wrong with it…
      What makes you say that there is an “over-representation” of Asian guys? Any proof, other than the confirmation bias of some Asian girl who is looking specifically for Asian-guys-behaving-badly?
      Also, what makes you think reddit or the online population isn’t what you call an “over-representation” of Asian guys already, so naturally there are a lot more voice from us?
      Internet reactionary movements are almost always dominated and over-represented and started by white males. It is “fucking pathetic” for you to direct most of your criticism for them onto us.
      There needs to be more productive ways for Asian men to deal with the shit in society than to turn to reactionary ideas at a disproportionate rate (compared to other POC)
      Maybe it is because other male POC’s problems are much more publicly accepted than Asian male’s problem? The Asian male’s problem is not even well-described and so many people think it is non-existent. It is even suppressed here so you can’t even talk about it that much. When there is no other socially acceptable path to solve their problems or vent, what do you think some of us turn to?
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      [–]proper_b_wayne [score hidden] 3 hours ago
      Also, trip, first, I am not that mad at you, unlike my main reply. Second, lol, you can’t blame there to be an “over-representation” of Asian males on asianmasculinity. That sub is literally for Asian guys.
      And another thing, why do you even read those dark places on the internet? Seriously, I did not even know half the place you mentioned, and I am pretty reactionary already. For example, how do you even find r/darkenlightenment, wtf?
      Reading so much reactionary material will make you angry at life, trip. LMAO… irony fully noted

      1. On the above though, well actually your opinion is fairly popular and no controversial among academics I know. And I probably think similarly except if sub race for population groups, and not for PC reasons, but just cause it makes more sense. I call it human variation cause hbd is well, tainted by now :0

        The online hbd movement is for the most part a reactionary one motivated by racism, by biggest issue.

      2. On proper b Wayne though…

        Well maybe I’m just another sellout Asian female whore (despite not dating now and open to asian guys and everyone else) but I think being reactionary is more unattractive than any of the common Asian male stereotypes combined.

      3. I think Wayne raised a good point I hadn’t thought of before, though. There may be more Asian guys in the “reactosphere” because there are more Asian guys in the sorts of places reactionaries trawl for recruits, i.e reddit, gaming forums, etc. It’s not as if they’re evangelizing at madamenoire or verysmartbrothas (African American internet forums), after all. So the over-representation of Asian dudes may just be (at least partially) due to (internet) geographical distribution. 😮

      4. Da, I suppose so, GL

        Spasibo, random reddit dudes:

        I think hetero Asian male problems are well acknowledged on this sub. I see discussions about emasculating media portrayals and dating difficulties popping up on here all the time. I think the way some people talk about the problem in context of PUA/red pill culture is generally denied on this sub since that can and does often attract really terrible people like Roosh.
        There’s also a strain of misogyny that comes as part and parcel of this culture though the couple of times I’ve ventured into /r/asianmasculinity this aspect seems to be mostly (?) clamped down on. However, most of the board is still pretty much in the vein of ‘pick up lines’ and ‘get pumped bro’ flavor that reminds me of a lot of high school locker room talk that excludes basically anybody but straight, cisgendered males of a very particular variety.
        I guess another part is that we’re using the same tools to see the world in different ways. There’s like this internalized hypocrisy where the guys on that board completely and absolutely accept media depictions of relationships, masculinity, and gender and yet they complain all the time about media depictions but only if it’s about themselves. You have these critical, analytical tools but the only thing you use them for is to accrue self-pity. So a post like this one screams to me ‘manic pixie dream girl fan fiction’. It’s super navelgazy dudebro stuff. It has all the elements of an Apatow film except it wants the stars to be AAPI instead of Jewish nerds. It’s basically saying that all of the shit that modern society produces is okay, the sexism, the apathy, the materialism, etc so long as it just stops crapping on Asian cisbros. That seems really selfish to me and maybe that’s part of why I kind of like to hate on it.

        Well, thanks for standing up for me, and I agree with him. I think discussions on Asian men tend to focus on these types, yes. Even if it wasn’t my original point

        I think you’re misunderstanding what trip meant by “overrepresentation of Asian guys such as Rodger”. He’s stating that a large portion of discussions on Asian masculinity (not limited to the sub) focuses on bitter and violent Asian men who have low self esteem, not that Asian males are overrepresented in general. In turn, Elliot Rodger and the likes become the definitive Asian male persona because there isn’t enough good representation to balance out the bad. And really, I don’t see anything wrong with saying that these men need a more productive or therapeutic way of dealing with internalized racism (as opposed to violence).

      5. Yeah, that’s a good comment.

  9. For all their talk of femininity and being such good ladies…

    RPW are such assholes to people! The rpw subreddit is basically mean girls: reddit edition.

  10. That’s it, I’m done with humanity

  11. Gunlord, do you mean to tell me that Dota probably isn’t the rebellious, tough-guy champion of reactionary-ism in real life???!!!! :/

  12. Emma the emo (her real name is the following) creeps me out

    1. I can’t help but feel a little bad for her with a boyfriend like that.

  13. Why does emma like downplaying and rationalizing the awful shy in the manosphere so much? She calls herself a activist for men and a gender equality yet she only associates with reactionary hateful neck beards rather than groups and people that actually do shit for men. I mean, look at her blog roll. All hateful reactionary blogs, not a single legit men’s issues group in sight. Is it this mentality?

    1. Emma’s a classic “red pill woman”–maintains her little harem of gormless orbiters by telling them that indeed, women are horrible. It’s a woman saying that, so it must be true–despite the Red Pill telling them to never listen to a woman at any time, ever.

      1. Bit weird considering she has a bf (though, a lot of rpw do.) I wonder what’s the psychology behind it. Seeking validation from these guys, that is.

        Her bf freaks me out tbh. Have you been to his blog? There’s some scary shit there. I’m surprised they manage to maintain a ‘healthy’ relationship

      2. You know GL, when I first discovered the female groupies… A year later, so many are gone. The first r

      3. Rpw I came across was red pill wifery, who was also a mod of rpw at that time. She wrote ‘the red pill for women’ actually, and I remember in r/relationships seeig a relationship break down because the SO had found that list and suddenly wanted the girlfriend to be a rpw. Well, about three months ago, it seems her marriage was breaking down despite all the red pill stuff, and now her blog content is all gone even if her blog is there. I’m not sure why but I think about her sometimes… I wonder how she’s doing.


  14. Why am I not surprised he has asperger’s :

  15. Emma is certainly an interesting, if depressing, character. Maybe more nuanced (but not by much) than say someone like bitchyjudge

  16. Ah shit, name change sorry gunlord :p

  17. Hey GL, you might find this interesting:

    I’m sure you can relate, but as someone who probably knows more about the manuresphere and the general DE than I should, the Elliot Rodger incident left me… a very special kind of upset and astonishment when it first broke out.

    1. That’s a very insightful piece. I’ve thought the same things as well, reading his manifesto, Elliot seemed to have a moronic fixation on race. Goes to show how crazy that sort of thinking can make you.

      1. The irony here, is that Rodger would’ve have fit right in with his followers and him, considering Rodger’s views. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodger had read his stuff:

      2. When the incident first broke… did you also think something along the lines of “dear god!!!!! this stuff has left the internet and impacted the real world??!!!” except much more shaken and disturbed than that, not to sound overdramatic.

      3. Not quite, but the Rodgers incidents were what got me to kick away whatever vestiges of “red pill” ideology I had. I’d previously been a combination of amused and apathetic towards that scene, but after Rodgers I grew to actively dislike it. You can read the series of entries I made about it:

      4. I especially liked the post on the futility of appeasement! The Eivind and Elliot stuff was especially interesting.

        Though, since I know you’re more of a third party type, I think it’s interesting that the Eivind/Emma thing gives you… bad feelings as well. I was thinking this because I was uncomfortable reading both their blogs, but that attributed that to me being, well… me. I think it’s because there isn’t really anything that suggests abuse, just a bright young lady with ‘different’ rather depressing outlooks on life.

        I think you raise good points. One thing is, I can fully believe that the relationship is ‘good’ right now. HOWEVER, Eivind has posted before on how Emma has ‘saved’ him, and how if she ever left, he would go crazy and hurt maybe himself or something, or basically ‘slip back’ if Emma left. That strikes me as really creepy, and black-mailey. While I’m sure Emma dosen’t mind because she’s perfectly happy with him right now, I know I’d be creeped if my SO said he’d go bonkers if I left, as much as I have no intentions of it in the moment! In this context, I think you’re statement “she may have delayed his outbursts, not stopped it” is relevant.

      5. What do you think?

        Edit: I should clarify that I don’t necessary mean I think she will leave him. Just that the fact that his sanity apparently depends on Emma’s love suggests that he’s still, at the core, not quite there.

      6. Yeah, the relationship doesn’t seem like a healthy one at all. Still, it’s doubtful if Emma will leave him anyways. I’m not certain she could find another guy…I hate to sound cruel, but as I mentioned in the post, she’s not really much of a catch, either. I think they’ll stick with each other through the long haul, out of necessity if nothing else.

      7. I guess personality wise, you’re probably right. My guess is that even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t because… well, we both know :/ Maybe this is just a case of two shitty people finding each other? I didn’t want to think that because well, I guess I see a lot of good things about her (but almost none about him.) I think she is bright and has many talents, like her art, science, and language skills (she’s a great writer for someone of whom English is her third language) for example. And to be shallow and honest, there’s a marked disparity in physical attractiveness between the two, and it’s not in her BF’s favor. But she definately dosen’t have the healthiest outlook on things and probably has a bunch of issues I shouldn’t armchair speculate on, which makes her blog painful to read and maybe even painful to be around irl.

        To be honest, I don’t understand the mentality of someone seeking validation from a group of people that spurn them. For example, women who seek validation from the manuresphere/reactionaries like Emma or hddchick or the RPW, or Asian men who seek validation from DE’ers and sailerites.

        Do you think the Elliot Rodger incident has been a turning point for the manuresphere and DE?

      8. ” I’m not certain she could find another guy…I hate to sound cruel, but as I mentioned in the post, she’s not really much of a catch, either.”

        BTW, maybe it’s just me, but I get the impression that she has really low self-worth in that regard, as well. Like she’s really internalized red pill ideas…

      9. I’m scared :/

        Well, worked for him, I guess. He seems to have calmed after Emma came along. But I dunno, gunlord. If you’re willing to commit a mass shooting, you probably had deeper problems than not getting laid.

  18. I’d be terrified if my SO attracted these types of commenters, lol:

    1. It does. And quite frankly, don’t worry about ableism–to be completely honest, these days I’m growing less and less patient with “introverted” and “socially awkward” people, despite not being particularly extroverted or much of a social butterfly myself. There are a few friends for whom I may be willing to forbear, but beyond them, I’m not particularly inclined to show kindness or compassion towards people who would deride such things as “annoyingly human.”

      1. Ahhhh, yeah. It’s just that, if you frequent We Hunted The Mammoth, those commenters are real intense about ableism. You really have to walk on eggshells there concerning that. Though, I’ve never been yelled at for it, but I’ve seen plenty who have :/ I like David’s work, but I think his commenters can ironically… hurt the cause a bit sometimes

        No, I can understand the losing patience. Does the exposure to NR’s and the Manosphere subgroup have anything to do with it? As a pretty ambiverted person though, I’d say that, like you said to me about aspies, most of these odious people may be that type of person who mentioned above, but most of those types are not odious people. Though it’s still hard for me, even. I’m not sick of introverted people, but I am becoming, well, more wary of asperger’s.

        Of course, most nerds, aspies, and such are not NR’s. But do you think being nerdy, or having asperger’s (or both) can make someone more prone to falling for NR ideas, all else being equal?

        Though, as someone fimiliar with the pop-culture asshole jock versus sweet nice nerd trope due to media, yet someone who has never seen it in real life that much, the manuresphere and DE has REALLY solidified for me how BULLSHIT this trope is. I say I haven’t seen it in real life because for some reason in my grade school years the nerds and jocks were often the same people :/ Do you think the ‘NiceGuyTM’ thing is an offshoot of this asshole jock/nice nerd trope?

        I know you don’t reply much these days, but I get have to get it off my chest here. But… if you really adopt or internalize a NR POV, you really begin to hate humanity. Hell, whenever I see a NR take on a current issue, like Hong Kong, I want to shoot myself :D, even if I mock it on reddit. It makes me despair for humanity, especially if you accept that it’s ‘biotroofs.’ For me, if it’s biotroofs, then destroy humanity, that cancerous thing! 😛

        Funny, speaking of the NR Jim, someone posted this about him: I would honestly love to see the women that these assclowns are basing their opinion of an entire gender on.
        From what I can tell, they think that all women spend their 20’s partying and screwing around with “bad boys” then become housewives once they hit 30, which is perfectly timed since according to these idiots, all you ladies turn into decrepit, saggy, loose crones as soon as you turn 30.
        I guess women don’t work, or build careers or go for guys who are genuinely good people but these idiots can’t tell the difference because they have such low self-esteem.

        Emphasis on the last sentence. I guess it hasn’t really crossed my mind, but now I’m wondering, behind all the tough guy, super edgy, super mouth-dropping shit that guys like Jimbo spew, is there really low-self-esteem behind that suuuuper edgy reactionary persona? Jimbo has been spewing this stuff since 1995! 20 years of… what?

        By the way, if you’re following the drama, Roosh has REALLY taken a downward spiral recently. I wonder when he’ll hit rock bottom, as he inevitably will. It’s… weird, watching this manosphere god actually being… well… I dunno :/ But remember, wiping your ass is misandry 😀

        And for some additional drama, if you follow the vdare, genteel white nationalist sphere. So there was supposed to be this white nationalist meet up going on in Budapest, but the leader was arrested, detained, and now being deported and not allowed to enter the Schengen Area :/ I put a buzzfeed link since it was the only link that wasn’t a NR website :/

      2. I don’t look much at I Hunted The Mammoth, actually. As I’ve said before, I don’t consider myself a feminist, and Futrelle’s writing and commentariat are a little strong on that side. The alt-right annoys me quite a bit, but I’m really not very comfortable with SJWs. They’re a lot better than the right, but even so, I dislike having to police my tone and writing style as stringently as they’d like. Still, such people will never pose a threat to me, for obvious reasons, which is why I don’t consider them enemies, a contrast with the alt-right, which I actively oppose.

        Does the exposure to NR’s and the Manosphere subgroup have anything to do with it?

        Mostly, yes. Perhaps associating with aspies/autists outside the NRsphere may improve my opinion of them. More and more, however, I find it harder and harder to display the sort of patience with their neurological makeup and ways of thinking I perhaps should. *sighs* Well, maybe I ought to work on that.

        But… if you really adopt or internalize a NR POV, you really begin to hate humanity. Hell, whenever I see a NR take on a current issue, like Hong Kong, I want to shoot myself :D, even if I mock it on reddit. It makes me despair for humanity, especially if you accept that it’s ‘biotroofs.’ For me, if it’s biotroofs, then destroy humanity, that cancerous thing! 😛

        I think you’re exactly right, and in fact, this is pretty much the argument I wanted to make in a future post on the ironies of NR. Hope you won’t mind if I scoop you, hehe :D;;

        is there really low-self-esteem behind that suuuuper edgy reactionary persona?

        I’d bet money on it. Pretty much every neo-reactionary I’ve seen, and a good portion of the manosphere, looks like the sort of nerd who was bullied mercilessly during high school. I can spare a bit of pity for them, I suppose, but not all that much.

        Anyways, the drama’s great. Yeah, I’ve heard Roosh is losing it–if he blows up RoK, the butthurt will be *hilarious.* And I’m lolin’ so hard at what happened to Spencer. As the article says, I love how he complains about “liberals” when the guy who kicked him out is pretty illiberal.

      3. Have you read Oryx and Crake? I read it during a class, when I was in the zenith of my NR reading, and during that time, I felt like I was the only person that thought Crake was a hero for what he did!


        “Jim’s blog– liberty in an unfree world” <— enough irony to kill anemia the world over

        Since discovering NR and 'paleo-lbiertarianism" I've concluded that I fucking hate libertarians. And Jim has to be one of the nastiest ones I've seen, arguably even nastier than most of them :/ Is that fair to all libertarians? Of course not. But neither are my increased reservations towards aspies, for that matter 😛 NR's really put the 'ass' in aspie

        "We just want to be left alone." Who says they would be left alone in their NR dreamworld :/

        Speaking of Spencer… I have a special place in my heart for VDARE. Have you been around them? They're a dime a dozen genteel racist site, but they annoy me because they deny being white nationalist while… being blatantly white nationalist. While I wouldn't go so far to call them nazis, they're basically like the type of person who denies being a nazi while wearing swastikas and hailing hitler. That site is one of the most mean-spirited sites I've seen. The whole"we not white nationalist, we just anti-immigrant!…" is annoying. while the founder is an immigrant and many writers are (white, of course) immigrants 😛 It's the worst site for me because at least other sites like stormfront are fucking honest and don't dogwhistle.

        Sorry GL… my mind just blows at how many… AWFUL people in the world there are :/ I know people say it's just 'online' but these are real humans saying that shit. They're not robot programs those awful personas have actual people behind them. People like to say it's 'just online.' Well, was Elliot Rodger, 'just online?'

  19. On Roosh, though. I dunno Gunlord. I feel an unsympathetic type of pity for him, but who can guarantee that when he hits rock bottom (and that will probably be soon,) we won’t see another Elliot Rodger?

    And now I’m really curious to talk to his sister and parents… than again, I’m curious about what WTF Price’s ex’es have to say about him as well.

    On the childhood bullying of NR’s though, two words: Matt Porney.

    BTW, there was another attempted Elliot Rodger at UW a short time ago. Another Asian guy :/

    Part of the reason why I don’t just brush off NR and the manuresphere that much is because, well, look at Elliot Rodger. While I think for the most part NR is just a silly online place for disgruntled, arrogant, naive young nerds with asperger’s, who know’s what the future will hold? We hunted the mammoth’s commenters may be annoying, but these guys, while it’s not likely, could be a threat. What’s a thin-skinned social justice worrier versus someone who literally wants to bring us back to the dark ages? That wants to strip me of my rights as a human? As someone who is normally pacifist, if there was any chance that these guys could get in power here, I’d fight against them in a heartbeat.

    I don’t necessarily think the ASD wiring is inherently dangerous. If it means anything, plenty of people with ASD would be disgusted with NR, and TBP has a few aspies there. It really is the individual person… though I do wonder, like I said above, if ASD would make someone more prone to NR and manurespherian ideas, all else being equal.

    And to be honest GL, I probably couldn’t deal with someone with ASD as, say, a serious partner for long. Friend? Maybe. I have no experience with that, though. I know many ASDers would be just as grossed out by reactionaries as you and I, but still. I think that type of wiring would drive me crazyBTW, there was a mom with an aspie daughter on TBP the other day who talked about how ‘aspie’ TRP came off to her. Her daughter is doing fine, mind you.

    1. Last one for the night, but one of the fathers of NR, nick land, did comment on how he future would be ruled by a tech nerd aspergers elite and that it was the future of humankind :/

      Also, as an Asian, I’m really tired of NR’s, who in the end, really do look down on Asians and Asian cultures, flocking to Asia and things Asian. There Colin Liddell, white nationalist, and blatantly nasty and racist towards Asians, living in Japan and ‘happily living as a discriminated against minority’ in Japan. Land lives in Shanghai where he happily contributes stuff about the inferiority of the Chinese language and writing system. Akarlin is learning Chinese despite, in the end, looking down on it a bit. And don’t even get me started on manospherians and their Asian fetishes and fulfillment of the sexpat stereotype

      1. Yeah, Nick Land was another reason my feelings towards autists and aspies are growing progressively less warm.

        Those guys base their sense of superiority on the fact that they design machines. In most cases, they admire machines, and in more than few cases, they actually wish to become machines. I wonder, then, if they would take it as a compliment if we were to treat them as machines.

      2. Heh, maybe I spoke too soon about the autists and aspies. I’ll admit I was wrong–they don’t seem to be so bad. If you’d like a little pick me up, check out this thread at Wrong Planet where they dissect some manosphere BS:

      3. lol, I saw your reddit post there. It’s buried now, though, I think.

        I thought there were good comments there, though I think you had a point with the thing about NR’s sort of… co-opting autism. The only thing I may slightly disagree with everyone else on, is that I really can believe that many of these these NR’s actually are autistic, in addition to fetishizing autism. Hey, aspies are individuals too, as we’ve seen. I shall check that linked blog out soon.

        By the way, I was thinking this, but ironically, the NR’s and Manurespherians paint a REALLY unflattering picture of men. Sometimes, I think they’re just as misandrist as they are misogynist, if not more!

        I think there should really be a dialogue going on, well, autism and it’s relationship with the NR’s, still. The way autism is fetishized by reactionary types and other terrible people is something worth discussing.

      4. Yeah. If you want the link again, here it is:

        Might make you feel a little better about autistic folks 🙂

      5. BTW, have you ever been to Less Wrong? It’s like a NR breeding ground (though that’s not the site’s original intention.) It’s the shittiest most pretentious site ever.

        Sooooo cute:

      6. My friend Scott Alexander (he’s the Slate Star Codex guy–in fact, he did a takedown of the neoreactionaries you would probably enjoy) was from there originally, but from what I hear it can be a strange place.

      7. Yep, I saw that.

        So what do you think of autistic folks these days?

        And I stand by my comment. I think it’s very possible that these NR’s are actually autistic, in addition to fetishizing it. It’s just that we (including aspies) all have our own personalities. You get the people like the wrongplanet ones (who clearly come in all views) and the ones on TBP, and you get the ones that turn into NR’s. It all depends on the individual person.

        But, I still think that autism is probably overrepresented among NR’s

      8. This was the best comment you got 😀

  20. So I saw your comment on bodycrimes concerning NR’s and what type of society they would make… and it got me thinking. Because both of us know that these guys wet dream would probably turn out a little differently in reality, and because, well, it would be way worse than what we have now. So I was thinking…

    There should totally be a reality show made about these guys! Basically buy an island or a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, and have them move there. Then monitor their lives with hidden cameras, and broadcast it on TV. As someone who dosen’t watch much TV, I’d totally tune in XD

  21. Remind me to never, ever bring kids into this world:

  22. The last thing Jesse needs is a romantic partner. He needs a therapist who specializes in treating ASD symptoms :/ (I say so since he admits to ASD)

  23. LOL, so NR’s think people are being lazy when they call NR’s fascists, then happily post stuff like this:

  24. The paleo diet scene needs to address its reactionary presence

  25. Hi Gunlord. I need help with my WordPress page. How to censor it. To be specific, I’ll be inserting side stories of my Infinite Stratos fanfic Senjou no Kodoku na Shounen ( in my WordPress page because said side stories will contain MA (Mature Audience) content, which is a no-no in I’m trying to something similar to “You must be 18 years and above to access this site” for those who try to access my WordPress page as a warning. How do I insert such a warning?

    1. Hmm, that’s a good question. I’m not sure (I’ve never put any MA stuff on my blog) but I’ll ask around and see if anyone I know has any experience with that.

      1. I found this, this might be what you need:

      2. Got the downloads, but I can’t seem to activate the plugin?

      3. I dunno about that…I’ve never used plugins mself U_U

      4. I see. In any case, I found pastebin, though I’m not sure if they’ll allow MA works.

  26. Hey Gunny, just wondering have you heard about AIM had shut down recently? Man, those were some memories back then, seems like it was only yesterday.

    1. Ooof, yeah. Those were the days…

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