Writing Log #18: A little bit of progress!

As usual, my friends, I didn’t get as much done on Wayward Son as I would have liked, but I have managed to inch forwards a little bit. Got about a thousand words done on it over the past 2 days. The reason progress is so slow is ’cause I’ve been busy TFing! Or TA’ing–some places call my position a Teaching Fellow, others call it a Teaching Assistant. It’s my very first time, but it’s going very well, far better than I’d expect a total newbie to do, haha 😀

Still, it’s kept me very busy, I’ve had to look over some writing samples my students sent me earlier this week, and that’s taken most of my time. Still, I’m almost done with that, so I should see a lot more progress next week! For the remainder of this weekend, I won’t be able to work on fanfic, as I gotta put some more finishing touches on an assignment. I’ll probably be busy much of next week grading *more* papers, too, but the week after next should be relatively smooth sailing for me. Then I’ll probably get a lot more work done on Wayward Son 🙂

As most of y’all probably know already, I also finished up The Last Red Shoulder recently! It’s been a long time coming, so I think I’ll do a “post-mortem” on that fic for next week’s entry. See all of you then!

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