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Divine Conceptualism

Originally posted on Hugh Jidiette:
Many theists have taken the potential existence of platonic objects to compromise God’s aseity and sovereignty. God’s aseity is the view that God does not depend on anything outside himself for his existence. God’s sovereignty is the view that everything outside of God depends on him. It’s easy to see…

Living the Good Life, Episode 137 (July 27, 2019): Productivity boost as things heat up!

All right! This is the sorta week I like, friends. Very, very good indeed! The lowdown… WATCHAN: No jojo this week either! Was 37 really the last episode?! I find that hard to believe, but…well, I guess I just gotta keep an eye out. Anyways… I finally watched all of a DVD set I got […]

A New Problem for Divine Conceptualism?

Originally posted on UseOfReason:
0. Introduction Divine Conceptualism (DC) is an idea about the ontological relationship between God and abstract objects, defended by Greg Welty, in his M.Phil thesis “An Examination of Theistic Conceptual Realism as an Alternative to Theistic Activism“(Welty (2000)), his Philosophia Christi paper “The Lord of Non-Contradiction” (Anderson and Welty (2011)), and his…

Living the Good Life, Episode 136 (July 20, 2019): Busy busy July 2k19!

Great times, great times, again, just as I like it! 😀 Random thing, but I got a nice little toy from Cheyenne Wright, colorist for one of my favorite webcomics, Girl Genius. He could use a little cash so I decided to buy it from him, if you want you can check out what he […]

Brute Facts and Explanation – Edward Feser, Aristotle’s Revenge: Part Three

Living the Good Life, Episode 135 (July 13, 2019): July 2k19 continues well~

Excellent week, friends! The lowdown: WATCHAN: Nothing, actually. No new Jojo ep today and it seems like episode 12 was the last one of One Punch Man s2! Damn…ended on a cliffhanger with nothing else?! I hope there’s a season 3 comin…:[ Also no Jojo this week. For that, I think it’ll be on next […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 134 (July 6, 2019): Strong start to July 2k19!

All right! Seems like I am most definitely back in business. A delightful week this has been! WATCHAN: Jojo ep 37: Oh man, now this is confusing. After punching through Trish, Diavolo finally gets the arrow in his (well, King Crimson’s) hands, but just as it seems as if he’s won, King Crimson starts disappearing, […]