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Recently I had an experience which has become all too typical ever since the Ukrainian crisis, indeed the Euromaidan movement, began late last year. Since that time, I have repeatedly found myself engaged in online battles with people either pro-Maidan or pro-Novorossiya, and in each of these cases it’s clear that my opponent:

1. Cannot speak nor understand Russian or Ukrainian.

2. Has never visited either country.

3. Relies entirely on internet resources in English, as well as Wikipedia.

These people are, much like today’s example, based in the US. In nearly all cases, they throw around words and canned arguments as if they’d known these things for years, when it is obvious that they just heard about them recently, after the crisis came to dominate the news cycle.  It might be tempting to just write all this off as the Dunning-Kruger effect at work, but I think there is…

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