Monthly Archives: March 2023

Living the Driven Life, Episode 189 (Mar 20 – Mar 26, 2023): Wonderful start to spring!

Spring is officially here! No more snow, hooray! That’s definitely some wonderful news, this winter was just terrible. Monday: A+ day! My boss managed to get the printer fixed, it was just an issue with the cartridge, as it turns out, so I didnt mess up too badly after all, haha. Great! Absolutely wonderful news […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 188 (Mar 13 – Mar 19, 2023): Excellent week!

Very nice week, much better 😀 It also seems to be warming up a little, thankfully…a couple stray snow flurries but the snow hasnt stayed on the ground for a long time, so things seem to be getting a lil better! Monday: Definitely an A+ day! Found out I sent the mail to the right […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 187 (Mar 6 – Mar 12, 2023): Tough…

Not as good as the last week, though not terrible :< Monday: A+ day! Productive day at work, got a nice paycheck, made one *small* mistake but I fixed it easily, just had to reupload a file XD Went home, played Phantom Brigade, read the next chapter of Musuko, just some cute celebration of Chii’s […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 186 (Feb 27 – Mar 5, 2023): Not a bad week :D

Nice start to March 2023 😀 Monday: Day started out as an A+, went down to an F due to a MASSIVE stroke of bad luck, then back to an A because of an unexpected stroke of good luck! 😀 Okay, so I was having a great day at work, very productive, got all my […]