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2022 In Review

Books bought/Read: Bentley Little’s Gloria Salvation Day by Kari Wallace Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman. Mastodon by Steve Sred Five Tales of Horror and Suspense by CD Wilsher. Tales from the Gulp vol. 2, by Baxter Monster Features by N. Gray. Infected: Awakening by Tom Coleman. Black Forest by Shane Lee. Silence in the […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 177 (Dec 24 – Dec 30, 2022): 2022 ends with a snowpocalypse!

Nother good week, but not thanks to the weather XD Saturday: Friday’s snow day? Just a prelude to the BIIIIG blizzard today. Complete whiteout, I HAD to stay home. Still, just more time to play Tactics Ogre. Thankfully the power didn’t go out or anything, so today gets an A for being lucky lucky 😀 […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 175 (Dec 10 – Dec 16, 2022): RIP Aniki……

Good week for me, melancholy for my fandoms as a whole. But still a good week, as the person whose passing made it melancholy would want it to be–I’ll describe it. Saturday: Solid A day! Finished up the last bit of work I had for my friend, had a good night’s sleep, did some laundry, […]

Thanxgiving 2k22~

Another year, another thanksgiving. Nothing much to say I haven’t before. Here’s what I’m grateful for this 2022: 1: My health, though I have a fair bit of aches and pains now, it’s not as bad as it could be. 2: My very many lovely friends and family. 3: Almost being done with my (second) […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part IV-Conclusion)

Continued from IV: Broad Experience Brought Me Out of the Manosphere Still, I’d be lying, and certainly underselling many good friends of mine, if I said that manospherians were the only ones encouraging me to get out of that scene. It’s definitely pretty convincing that so many manospambots themselves saw the bankruptcy of their […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part III)

Continued from III: The Manosphere Defeats Itself A: The more a man wins, the more he likes feminism I’ll start with my personal experience—don’t worry, I won’t bellyache a lot, I’ll just briefly recap a few things I already mentioned earlier in this essay. A core tenet of MGTOW, at least, is that you […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part II)

Continued from II: Ideological Inconsistency Now, I suppose a few manospambots, if they ever find this entry, might complain that so far I’ve done a lot of mocking of manospherians themselves, but haven’t said anything against what they actually believe. Even if manospambots are a bunch of inveterate losers, isn’t it possible that their […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part I)

I Tried to Be a Misogynist OR Coughing Up The Red Pill By Gunlord500 I took way too long in writing this essay. It’s been on the back burner for a few years, and when I finally looked at it again, I found it a very good idea to shorten it considerably, and not just […]

Thank you, Professor Miura

I don’t quite know how to start an entry like this. But I guess there’s noplace else to start than with the news. Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, one of my very favorite manga–and objectively one of the most influential contemporary manga, period–has passed away. 【三浦建太郎先生 ご逝去の報】『ベルセルク』の作者である三浦建太郎先生が、2021年5月6日、急性大動脈解離のため、ご逝去されました。三浦先生の画業に最大の敬意と感謝を表しますとともに、心よりご冥福をお祈りいたします。2021年5月20日 株式会社白泉社 ヤングアニマル編集部 — ベルセルク公式ツイッター (@berserk_project) May 20, 2021 There’s […]

Tips, Tricks, and General Attitudes That Helped This Semester

A slightly cheerier entry for you today, my friends. Although, as I said last time, I think I’ve reached the limit of my mathematical abilities, that limit’s quite a bit higher than I thought it was. I never thought I could get through even pre-calc, but I’ve managed to survive–not excel, but at least survive–through […]