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Bunches of Quotes

Might not be the greatest idea, but I’ve had this entry in my drafts folder for ages and wanted to get it out. It’s another smorgasbord of quotes I found from a variety of places ranging from 4chan to Youtube (so some of them may be more than a little NSFW, forgive me). They mainly […]

I Tried to Be a Misogynist (Full Essay)

I Tried to Be a Misogynist OR Coughing Up The Red Pill By Gunlord500 This is a really long essay, though thankfully not as long as its first draft would have been. I’ve broken it into 4 much more digestible sections, though, that should be easier to read if one huge document is too much: […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part IV-Conclusion)

Continued from IV: Broad Experience Brought Me Out of the Manosphere Still, I’d be lying, and certainly underselling many good friends of mine, if I said that manospherians were the only ones encouraging me to get out of that scene. It’s definitely pretty convincing that so many manospambots themselves saw the bankruptcy of their […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part III)

Continued from III: The Manosphere Defeats Itself A: The more a man wins, the more he likes feminism I’ll start with my personal experience—don’t worry, I won’t bellyache a lot, I’ll just briefly recap a few things I already mentioned earlier in this essay. A core tenet of MGTOW, at least, is that you […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part II)

Continued from II: Ideological Inconsistency Now, I suppose a few manospambots, if they ever find this entry, might complain that so far I’ve done a lot of mocking of manospherians themselves, but haven’t said anything against what they actually believe. Even if manospambots are a bunch of inveterate losers, isn’t it possible that their […]

I Tried To Be A Misogynist (Part I)

I Tried to Be a Misogynist OR Coughing Up The Red Pill By Gunlord500 I took way too long in writing this essay. It’s been on the back burner for a few years, and when I finally looked at it again, I found it a very good idea to shorten it considerably, and not just […]

You Can’t Fight Centralization

This isn’t my essay, it’s a surprisingly cogent one from an old manosphere blog, Delusion Damage, that winked out of existence a long time ago. Despite its association with the right wing, this essay was an excellent skewering of a common right-wing libertarian talking point, so I’m preserving it here for posterity.   You Can’t […]

More good quotes

An extremely eclectic collection of quotes I decided to put out today. These are a bunch of amusing and or insightful comments I found on the Lawyers, Guns, and Money blog–hope the makers won’t mind. If anyone wants theirs removed I’ll do so, but for the moment I’m just putting it here for my own […]

Repost of “Why I Hate Engineers”

Loved this article a while back but the blog seems to have been deleted–I hope the original author doesn’t mind, but I’m reposting this for my own reference. “Let me start by saying that I don’t hate any one group based solely on any sort of designation they may carry. That’s just stupid. […]

GUEST POST from Tru: Several critiques of Edward Feser and Aristotelian philosophy

Hey guys! Here’s something a little different tonight. A new commenter by the name of tru recently happened upon my posts on Aquinas (specifically, my critiques of Edward Feser’s “The Last Superstition” and “Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide”) and left some really thoughtful comments! You can see them in their original forms here: They […]