Monthly Archives: November 2018

Living the Busy Life, Episode 4 (November 24, 2018): Thanksgiving 2k18!

Not a bad thanksgiving week, not too bad at all. The lowdown… WATCHAN: Tiramisu ep. 8: Ah, this was a nice episode–3 plotlines in rapid succession. First, Subaru discovers he likes drawing manga more than piloting, but can’t get published, then he has a “close range battle” with guns outside of his mech, but when […]

Living the Busy Life, Episode 3 (November 17, 2018): It’s cold D:

Hoof! Damn, it’s cold. Snow’s hitting earlier than it did last year, conditions were pretty bad a few days ago. Wonder how thanksgiving is gonna turn out. Anyways… WATCHAN: Tiramisu ep. 7: Another great episode! Subaru faces off against his evil clone, and they project astral images of themselves with their Universe Sense, a parody […]

Living the Busy Life, Episode 2 (November 10, 2018): Things aren’t terrible…

Hooof! Second week of my epic busyness. It’s not so bad…I miss my free time, and would honestly prefer it, but I haven’t been overwhelmed…yet. We’ll see if things keep at a manageable pace through next week, if not I may just retreat and return to my previous business. Anyways… WATCHAN: Tiramisu S2 ep. 6: […]

Living the Busy Life, Episode 1 (November 3, 2018): Staying sane…

Hoooly moly. I’ve been busy as heck…this new responsibility of mine is…quite time consuming, definitely. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be impossible. But yeah, I’m left with essentially no free time, like at all. Well, here’s what I have managed to have been doing…   WATCHAN: Gridman ep. 4: This was pretty fun. Rikka (one […]