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William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler, and Me

I’m introducing something new this Friday, my friends. I call them ‘quickshot’ book reviews. Rather than full, exhaustive book reviews, these will concentrate on specific aspects of a single book and how they relate to me, meaning they’ll be fairly short—hence the name, “quickshot” J The first review will be on William L. Shirer’s The […]

Some Favorite Quotes from the Internet

Another lighthearted entry for you this week, my friends. Today, I’ll just give you a few funny quotes I’ve encountered from my friends on the Internet! Some will be sourced, but others I got from places which weren’t archived, like 4chan before the creation of the foolz archives, or deleted Livejournal posts. You’ll have to […]

Dragonar 10 (and TL notes)

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ITA-ENG subs It’s been ages, my friends, but hot on the heels of our Layzner release, ol’ Gunlord is finally ready to show off what he and some friends have been working on for a while! Taking up where GARlock left off, here’s episode 10 of Metal Armor Dragonar. However,…

My own quotes

As self-aggrandizing as this may seem, have some quotes that I myself have come up with over the years. “A man who thinks he is a threat to you is very often dangerous to you. However, in my experience, a man who thinks *you* are a threat to *him * is very often even more […]

Legend of the Galactic Heroes quotes (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Hey guys! Gunlord again, giving you my second QUOTES entry. I originally posted these on my Livejournal, so they may be a little disorganized, but their strength should make up for it, IMO. All of these are from Legend of the Galactic heroes this time. LoGH was originally a novel series by Yoshiki Tanaka before […]

[mSubs-Onmitsu-classic] Goldran 17

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Here, have another zany episode of Goldran. Torrent DDL Layzner will be out once QC successfully eradicate the timing gremlins.