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Writing Log #14: More Progress!

Good news, everyone! (Professor Farnsworth.jpg XD)  Finished Chapter 68 of Wayward Son! The writing of that went pretty well, I wouldn’t say I got myself stuck or found it a chore or anything. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the next few chapters might be a lot harder…I have a less clear […]

Writing Log #13: Chuggin’ along…

Not much to say for this week, friends, other than I’m almost done with chapter 68. There have been 2 things distracting me, mainly. First, new updates for Vindictus came out! XD Second, I’m running a playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Within for the PS3 in which I detail (painstakingly) the exploits, personalities, accomplishments, and often […]

Writing Log #12: Progress

Hmm…still not going quite as fast as I’d like, but I suppose I can’t complain. A few thoughts about my progress so far, and a few on why it’s not quite as fast as I expected. First, I think I’m just about done with chapter 67. It was giving me a lot of trouble, but […]

Writing Log #11: A bit of discouragement, a bit of encouragement

First of all, HAPPY AMERICA DAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀 In less happy news, however…uuurgh, I haven’t been able to write as much as I’d hoped. It’s not a total loss–I’ve been managing a steady 2000 words per day for the past week, which is certainly better than nothing. It’s not quite the 5000 words […]

Updates. updates~

Wayward Son is truckin along, as is Last Red Shoulder~