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Walking a Tightrope Across a Grim, Dark Ravine (Designer Notes for Wayward Son)

A thought experiment, dear readers. Let me give you a story to read. The protagonist is a psychotic mass-murderer and he lives in a world where almost everyone else is a psychotic mass-murderer. The story revolves around him killing, raping, and eating (in a random order) helpless civilians for 500 pages before finally blowing up […]

Review of my new computer, the Digital Storm Bolt

1: Personal Background Since reviews are meant to assist other potential buyers, I figure my readers would appreciate a little personal background on me, to get an impression of what sort of buyer is giving this (glowing) review of Digital Storm. While I play videogames quite a bit, I’m actually not a “hardcore” gamer, I […]

Vindictus Woes

Why are there no raids for Season 2, Episode 2 of Vindictus? NEXXXOOOONNNNNNNNNNN

The comfiest budgie in the world

My two parakeets. The yellow one being comfy is little Goldie, who is the queen of the cage. The green and yellow one is little Flickie, who is constantly bossed around by little Goldie. This was taken on my Galaxy S4 phone.

Quick Smartphone note (Samsung Galaxy s4)

Remember I mentioned a little while ago I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 recently? It’s been working well enough for me, but I just had my first problem with it today. I kept it plugged in last night while I was sleeping, but when I woke up and went to work I didn’t bother to […]

Rape in Anime and Fanfiction

Strange as it sounds, I’d like to begin this entry with a brief digression regarding a currently airing anime series. Yes, I know, last week I promised you something about fanfiction. Trust me, I’ll tie this in with Wayward Son, you’ll see. There’s a mecha anime currently airing called Valvrave the Liberator. A lot of […]

Random Thoughts, Vol. I

I don’t watch much TV these days. However, I still have some contact with network television through the news I come across every now and then via search engines. I was trawling around Yahoo for a moment when I came upon this article: Long story short, Kraft has an ad for salad dressing involving […]

Why (not) Fire Emblem?

Oddly enough, this will be the longest post I’ve put up here so far. It’s over four thousand words long—I’m breaking my own rule about having short entries! I do hope it’s worth it, though, since it involves issues I’ve brought up in two previous posts. I have not-so-subtly implied that I’m no longer a […]

Quick note

Got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday. It works quite well and I’m pretty pleased with it, but just as a note, I may start taking videos and reposting them here from youtube. 😀

Why Fanfiction, Part II: On Writing for a Game You No Longer Play

NOTE: This entry contains spoilers for both Wayward Son and Fire Emblem 7. As promised, my friends (what few I have on here right now, at least XD), I bring you the continuation of my previous post I promised last Friday. I have told you why I started writing fanfiction, and of the seeds from […]