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Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 28 (Season 2): Editor’s block?

First, I’ll cut right to the chase and tell y’all what you’ve been waiting for: How did my holidays go?   Honestly, not much happened. My friend Starseeker got me the new Age of Empires expansion on Steam, but that was pretty much it. My mom went on a trip, so she just left me […]

Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 27 (Season 2): Tougher than I’d thought :(

Urrgh! Once again, my friends, I haven’t made as much progress this week as I’d hoped. I’ve gotten started on the next chapter, but for a couple of days I was busy helping my mom pack and get ready for a trip. I’d wanted to really get into gear on Wednesday, but when I took […]

Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 26 (Season 2): Plodding Onwards

Urrgh…Not much to say this week, my friends. A lot of things held me up. Some were foolish–I got into an argument with someone on Reddit about classical theism which took a lot of time–while others were more unlucky, like a lot of snow making traffic worse and making it harder to get to the […]

The Scourge of Dehumanization

Originally posted on The Inglorius Padre Steve's World:
Friends of Padre Steve’s World, One of the things that I fear today is the?open resurgence of race hatred being preached by the nicely dressed “intellectual” Nazis of the self-named Alt-Right. Now that Donald Trump has been elected President, and baring a miracle in the Electoral…

Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 25 (Season 2): Laying the Groundwork

A reasonably productive week, my friends–and I had a good deal of fun, too! Here, as usual, is the lowdown: WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 36: I’m still not sure how Killer Queen’s power works, but holy crap, this episode was AWESOME! First they played the OP backwards, to reference how the antagonist can turn back time, […]

Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 24 (Season 2): Lotsa good news!

Hot damn! Not the most productive week in the universe, despite last week’s promise, but a good one. I’ll explain everything. Here’s what I’ve been up to ;D WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 33: There are two fights going on right now: One between the main protag and a guy who turns people into paper, and another […]