Monthly Archives: August 2021

Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 60 (August 22-August 28, 2021): 0th week (lol) of my 5th semester!

College hasn’t even technically started yet, but I’ve gotten started on some stuff. REALLY busy week though, this is why this entry is a couple hours late, I was REALLY busy on Saturday. Next week should be better tho. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Course 1: COM 447 (Graphics) Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 168 (August 15-August 21, 2021): Bit of a break week, things might heat up next.

Better week. However, I’m so tired I don’t really want to work on more projects, I’ll put them on hold for a bit and just relax for a little while. I spent most of this week relaxing. On Saturday, though, I had quite a bit of fun, which is why this entry is a *little* […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 167 (August 8-August 14, 2021): Another solid week!

Decent week overall, though I did get into a bit of trouble near the end. Sunday: Pretty good! Went out to Trattoria Aroma and got a good bit of work done. Solid A day. Monday: Same as above, got a haircut too. w00t A+ day for gettin a lot of stuff done! Tuesday: Pretty much […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 166 (August 1-August 7, 2021): Solid week!

Can’t complain about anything this week 😀 Sunday: A+ day! Went out to get my beloved beef and mushroom chow fun from Buffalo Little Lamb, filled up my car’s gas tank, then went home and played 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim all day. Monday: Nother good day. Didn’t go out, but stayed home and played 13 […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 165 (July 25-July 31, 2021): ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Ooof, I just noticed I forgot to hit publish on this, but since it’s before I went to sleep and woke up on Sunday, I’ll not consider it late 😀 Anyways, finally, Living the Driven Life pays off! It’d be too boastful to say that Miura would be proud, but at least I got somethin’ […]