Dammit! It’s still snowy as hell! This weather is RIDICULOUS! Ugh, well at least the job hunt is going well. I took my drug test on Wednesday and passed easily enough ;D So now I’ll be going in for my first day on the job soon. Guess we’ll see how that works out, but for […]

Exciting week, my friends. The weather was bad again, with some snow showing up, but hopefully that should be winter’s last gasp. In better personal news, I might have gotten a job! Can’t say too much about it since some of the data I work with is sensitive, but suffice it to say it’s a […]

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Friends of Padre Steve’s World, A couple of days ago I received a comment on my Political Commentary tab from an old baseball player who played with the Detroit Tigers in the 1960s. He made some comments that I took to heart as…

Hot damn! Crazy times over here recently. We just had some big windstorm or something and the roof of our house got damaged! We’ll have to pay for repairs, which is a shame, but at least no-one was hurt, so that’s good 😀 Aside from that, this week went pretty well. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Darling […]

Finally! All the snow is melting and it seems like winter has been soundly defeated. Ah, how good… WATCHAN: Junji Ito Collection ep. 12: This is the last episode, I think? Just like the other ones. The first part involves some mysterious nectar that tastes really good but makes people seemingly get crushed if they’re […]

This was a very nice week overall in terms of both work and play. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Junji Ito ep 11: The first part of this episode…okay, holy crap, this was so weird. A new student transferred into the school, and afterwards strange things started happening, like plants growing eyeballs and buildings being replaced by […]

Ugh! More winter storms! I have seriously fuggin had it with this winter! Ah, well… WATCHAN: Junji Ito collection ep. 10: Part one…Uuuugh, this was the grossest episode yet! Way too much oil, that’s all I’ll say. Part two was better, IMO. No jump scares, but a very creepy, sinister ghost story, IMO. I don’t […]