Didnt get that much work done, but the week was better at least… Monday: A- day! Felt much better, no tummy cramps this time, and a quiet and productive day at work. Also watched a neato vid from Curious Archive: Read the next chappy of Alice-san too, again not a whole lot of development, they […]


Not an improvement :< Monday: A- day, decent day at work, not much else to be said. Tuesday: C- day! I came down with an annoying tummy bug–not the worst I’ve ever had, but enough to keep me on the can for a while. I asked my boss for a day off and thankfully he […]

Things arent quite in high gear yet, but it is an improvement compared to last week 😀 Monday: A- day, productive day at work but there’s a new thing I gotta do with the file uploading site, I hope I’ll figure it out by tomorrow. Aside from that, read the next the next chappy of […]

Alright, now things officially get kicked into high gear…well, revving up to it I’d say XD Like I said last week, I wanna really get it into high gear starting now, and this time I’m not just living the driven life–which by that point wasn’t so much driven as just generally happy–but putting my all […]

Really did not get much work done this week since I was so excited about Berserk, so I guess I can’t say I’ve gotten into full gear yet, though I did get a little bit of preliminary work done. Next week might be it–I think weeks when a new chappy of Berserk comes out are […]

Last bit of relaxation before I hit high gear… Monday: A- day. I found out I made an eensy mistake at work last week, but I made a quick change to the form and resent it so it should be all good 😀 Aside from that, watched The Hollow Child. It was…okay. I didn’t like […]

Alright, imma get some relaxation in this week, and a little next week, and the week after THAT I’ll get started on the main stuff… Monday: Solid A day! Good day at work and it was VERY nice and warm. Spring has definitely sprung! Watched Pulse: Hacker guy inadvertently starts the apocalypse by allowing demons […]

NOW spring has started, very nice 😀 Monday: Wonderful A+ day! The weather was warm, I think spring has officially sprung, and I got a lot of work done on my own! I gotta finish up the rest of it tomorrow but I think my bosses will be pleased with my initiative 😀 Also read […]

I spoke too soon last week, spring hasn’t really started…snow is still coming 😦 But other than that this week was great 😀 Monday: VERY A+ day! The only bad thing was that it snowed, so I guess spring isn’t entirely here yet, but my boss said I did a good job on a letter […]

Spring is officially here! No more snow, hooray! That’s definitely some wonderful news, this winter was just terrible. Monday: A+ day! My boss managed to get the printer fixed, it was just an issue with the cartridge, as it turns out, so I didnt mess up too badly after all, haha. Great! Absolutely wonderful news […]