The weather continues to be wonderful, nice and warm and sunny 😀 I’ve been enjoying mahself! The lowdown: WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 27: What a crazy battle! So with the fragment of the Boss’s power, Doppio can see into the future, even if he can’t quite erase time. Risotto is invisible somehow, and injures Doppio further […]

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By Peter W. Smorynski Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a game Kickstarted into motion by Koji Igarashi in 2015 as the spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night may be having a public perception problem. This is undoubtedly in part due to the rocky road of its…

Ahhh, it seems winter is finally, FINALLY over. There’s more sun, I haven’t seen any snow on the ground at all, and sometimes I can actually go out without putting on a thick winter coat! Wonderful, wonderful. WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 26: Ooookay. God damn, we finally get  alook at the boss of Passione, and boy […]

Another productive week, hooray! The lowdown… WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 25: Oooh, big stuff happening. Trish tries to get to Giorno’s hand, but moves too quickly and the evil Stand latches on to her boot! But strangely enough, her boot falls off of its own violition, and when the Stand tries to attack her again, it […]

The transcript for this video:     Hey guys! Gunlord here, comin’ atcha with a video I would like to think is up to some reasonably high scholarly standards, but on a somewhat less weighty subject: Namely, crowdfunded videogames. Again, not the most serious of topics, but hopefully my friends will still be able to […]

Now THIS was a nice week. Great weather, had a lot of fun, and got a lot of work done too! WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 24: Freaky episode! So the gang takes an empty plane to Sardinia (Abbachio uses his replay ability to figure out how the pilot flew the plane and do the same), but […]

Your Favorite Gunlord (G): It’s a very useful rule of thumb in human experience that knowing what it is like to do or experience something entails having done it at some point, and therefore being capable of doing it. Now, God, being omniscient and having access to the personal experiences of all created things, knows […]