Urgh! At least I’m feeling better, but it’s still snowy and freezing. Sucks! Ah, well, least there are some things to keep me warm: WATCHAN: Junji Ito collection ep 2: Oh shit, now this is scary! I don’t wanna give too much away, but suffice it to say that the first half of the episode […]

One thing I’ve often heard from Catholics, particularly “traditional” or conservative ones (most notably guys such as philosopher Edward Feser), is that free will is supposedly a good. Whenever someone brings up the fact that an omnipotent God could simply force everyone to worship Him (thereby resulting in no-one going to hell), people like Feser […]

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Scientific and technological progress will make factory farming obsolete in the near future. Here is short video explaining how we can still consume meat and dairy products, while avoiding the mistreating of animals. ? For more info: Perfect Day Foods (animal free dairy) Cultured Beef (Mark Post’s official web…

Not a good week…I spent the first half of it laid up in bed, very very sick, but fortunately I’m better now 😀 Here’s what I’ve been up to… WATCHAN: Junji Ito collection ep. 1: Junji Ito’s a famous Japanese horror manga artist, so I decided to check out the anime adaptation of his works […]

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How do you solve a problem like North Korea? This is the song that Pentagon planners have been singing for decades now. We’re told that there are plans to use a limited strike on a North Korean target that would send a message to the dictator that the…

New years, new years, unf. This coming week’s not looking to be a good one…A terrible winter storm is hitting my area, which means I’ll be trapped at home like I hate for at least a couple of days. Even worse, my parents are getting sick, which means I probably will too! ;_; Ah, well, […]

Hmm…a lot of folks are doing this, so I thought I would as well. Here’s a rundown of my accomplishments this past year: A: WRITAN: Completed the second draft of my dissertation on February 13, 2017, my third draft on June 23, 2017 (https://gunlord500.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/living-the-good-life-episode-38-june-23-2017-w0000t/) and mailed in my final draft on October 7, 2017. While […]