Ooof, I just noticed I forgot to hit publish on this, but since it’s before I went to sleep and woke up on Sunday, I’ll not consider it late 😀 Anyways, finally, Living the Driven Life pays off! It’d be too boastful to say that Miura would be proud, but at least I got somethin’ […]

I Tried to Be a Misogynist OR Coughing Up The Red Pill By Gunlord500 This is a really long essay, though thankfully not as long as its first draft would have been. I’ve broken it into 4 much more digestible sections, though, that should be easier to read if one huge document is too much: […]

Continued from IV: Broad Experience Brought Me Out of the Manosphere Still, I’d be lying, and certainly underselling many good friends of mine, if I said that manospherians were the only ones encouraging me to get out of that scene. It’s definitely pretty convincing that so many manospambots themselves saw the bankruptcy of their […]

Continued from III: The Manosphere Defeats Itself A: The more a man wins, the more he likes feminism I’ll start with my personal experience—don’t worry, I won’t bellyache a lot, I’ll just briefly recap a few things I already mentioned earlier in this essay. A core tenet of MGTOW, at least, is that you […]

Continued from II: Ideological Inconsistency Now, I suppose a few manospambots, if they ever find this entry, might complain that so far I’ve done a lot of mocking of manospherians themselves, but haven’t said anything against what they actually believe. Even if manospambots are a bunch of inveterate losers, isn’t it possible that their […]

I Tried to Be a Misogynist OR Coughing Up The Red Pill By Gunlord500 I took way too long in writing this essay. It’s been on the back burner for a few years, and when I finally looked at it again, I found it a very good idea to shorten it considerably, and not just […]

Nother decent week, all in all. Sunday: Solid A day! Went out to eat and got one more section done of the project I’m working on, I have about 9 more to go, so at a rate of a section a day I should be done by early next week. w00t! Monday: Nice, today gets […]

Pretty decent week, all in all. Sunday: Nother A- day, got a bit more organization on my project done and did some errands, but not much Ys. Monday: Just stayed home and played Ys all day, not too productive. Tuesday: Bit of an adventure! Went out to 7 Aroma again for more dumplings, but it […]

This wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, but it’s an entry I’ve wanted to get out for a while. I’ve been pretty much done with Monster Hunter World and Iceborne after finishing all the quests, but I’d taken pictures of armor sets for my male character I made that I thought looked cool, and I […]

Pretty decent week, all in all. Sunday: Decent 4th of July! All the restaurants I usually go to were closed so I had to go to Tim Horton’s instead, but I got a decent bit of work done so I can’t complain. A- day. Monday: Pretty good day, didnt get too much writing done but […]