Hoof! Damn, it’s cold. Snow’s hitting earlier than it did last year, conditions were pretty bad a few days ago. Wonder how thanksgiving is gonna turn out. Anyways… WATCHAN: Tiramisu ep. 7: Another great episode! Subaru faces off against his evil clone, and they project astral images of themselves with their Universe Sense, a parody […]

Hooof! Second week of my epic busyness. It’s not so bad…I miss my free time, and would honestly prefer it, but I haven’t been overwhelmed…yet. We’ll see if things keep at a manageable pace through next week, if not I may just retreat and return to my previous business. Anyways… WATCHAN: Tiramisu S2 ep. 6: […]

Hoooly moly. I’ve been busy as heck…this new responsibility of mine is…quite time consuming, definitely. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be impossible. But yeah, I’m left with essentially no free time, like at all. Well, here’s what I have managed to have been doing…   WATCHAN: Gridman ep. 4: This was pretty fun. Rikka (one […]

Good days, but they may be ending soon–though not being replaced by bad ones, hopefully. First, the fun stuff: WATCHAN: Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 4: Oh man, this just gets better and better. So Isuzu, the blonde-haired brother/rival of the MC is obviously inspired by Char from Gundam, and like Char, he also has a […]

Very nice week! As usual, here’s what I’ve been up to: WATCHAN: SSSS Gridman episode 1: Some friends of mine recommended this to me so I decided to check it out. So a highschool kid wakes up one day with amnesia and it turns out he’s been possessed by a cybernetic policeman living in a […]

VERY nice week, folks! Lotta stuff done, lotta fun had. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu! I forgot about this series, but a bro on /m/ reminded me that the second season was coming out, so I managed to DL the first two episodes 😀 Tiramisu S2 ep. 1: Haha, this is pretty amusing. It […]

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Friends of Padre Steve’s World, In our day there are fewer and fewer people who lived through or personal saw or documented the evils of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Likewise, there are a host of Holocaust deniers who produce a plethora of…