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Deeper Insights: What is the Beast of Darkness?

Originally posted on Berserk Analysis:
I’ve written about the Beast of Darkness before, but I think I can create a much more accurate picture of what it really is as my understanding of it grew. The following assertions are based on Schierke’s statements pieced together to make sense. Relevant chapters are 201, 215 and 251.…

The Wheel begins to turn…

All the world’s a stage

Venting My Spleen About the Afghanistan Lies and Terrible Loss of Life

Originally posted on The Inglorius Padre Steve's World:
The British Military Cemetery in Habbinyah Iraq, 2008 Friends of Padre Steve’s World, I have been doing a lot of work around the house because it has to be done and because t keeps me from getting sucked in to the nonstop blame game going on…

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song – 13 (Fin) – Mission Accomplished

Originally posted on RABUJOI – An Anime Blog:
The finale to Vivy, entitled simply Fluorite Eye’s Song, hits all the right notes, as our titlar AI diva gets her second and final chance and doesn’t waste it. I’m a big fan of going back and redoing things, whether it’s Back to the Future or Steins;Gate, and Vivy…

Publication Day

Originally posted on Robbie MacNiven:
Yesterday marked the release of my second work of non-fiction, in the form of Battle Tactics of the American Revolution, a short-ish treatise on, well, the battle tactics commonly employed by the British, French, German and colonial forces during the American Revolutionary War. It follows on quite neatly from my…

Done for now

Remember a few weeks ago I said I might have to step back from things? I’m gonna have to do that now. Things are getting overwhelming for me IRL, sorry. Not sure when I’ll be back, though I’ll continue to keep in touch with /m/subs.

The Miracle of the Gulls

Originally posted on Robbie MacNiven:
Seagull sex. There was loads of it going on as winter turned to spring. I can’t really claim to have ever given much thought to the existence of birds – certainly not Britain’s most ubiquitous coastal avian – but the sheer amount of “activity” occurring right outside my window demanded…

Might not be away after all…

Things might not be so bad, so I *might* be back for the short term. I’ll keep things updated.

Quick note-blog going on hold

Going on hiatus for a while–aside from updates on Metal Armor Dragonar, I won’t be updating this blog for some time. Have some things to take care of, sorry.