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Bloodstained’s Challenge: When History and Perception Collide

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By Peter W. Smorynski Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a game Kickstarted into motion by Koji Igarashi in 2015 as the spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night may be having a public perception problem. This is undoubtedly in part due to the rocky road of its…

New Slaves to Old Darkness, or, Does the Varanspire have a Bakery?

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Thoughts on Writing Scourge of Fate Anyone involved in either Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 can point to a personal favourite faction in the lore, the side that gives them the greatest enjoyment whether on the tabletop, via the background, or both. I’ve been asked who my own favourite faction is…

“The Most Appalling Site Imaginable” George Patton’s Experience at the Ohrdorf Subcamp of Buchenwald

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Friends of Padre Steve’s World, In our day there are fewer and fewer people who lived through or personal saw or documented the evils of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Likewise, there are a host of Holocaust deniers who produce a plethora of pseudo-scholarly…

Herculean Effort and the Black Experience

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First off, it has been far too long since I last posted here. I’ve certainly had enough to write about over the last six months—Lord knows we all have. But due to other writing commitments, teaching, and an unhealthy dose of self-doubt, anxiety, and depression, I’ve not…

Living the Good Life, Episode 99 (September 15, 2018): Brrr, gettin colder 2k18!

Not so productive this week…it’s getting a little colder, so I’ve found my energy dropping. Grr, I’ll have to kick it up a notch next week. WATCHAN: Again, nothin much this week. EATAN: TIMAN: Sky’s still plodding along~ PLAYAN: A little bit of Monster Hunter World here […]

Mass Murder and Genocide up Close and Personal: The Einsatzgrüppen and Ordungs Polizei in Poland 1939-1940

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Friends  of Padre Steve’s World, I am a bit late posting today as we have a niece, nephew and their children visiting for the Labor Day holiday. Since I posted a new article about Hitler’s attack on Poland yesterday I am following it…


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US company MycoWorks has developed a technology that turns fungi into an excellent alternative for leather. This fabric is actually made of mycelium, which is the fiber network of a fungus. According to this business their product is highly customizable. MycoWorks is, however, not the only group exploring the…