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Done for now

Remember a few weeks ago I said I might have to step back from things? I’m gonna have to do that now. Things are getting overwhelming for me IRL, sorry. Not sure when I’ll be back, though I’ll continue to keep in touch with /m/subs.

The Miracle of the Gulls

Originally posted on Robbie MacNiven:
Seagull sex. There was loads of it going on as winter turned to spring. I can’t really claim to have ever given much thought to the existence of birds – certainly not Britain’s most ubiquitous coastal avian – but the sheer amount of “activity” occurring right outside my window demanded…

Might not be away after all…

Things might not be so bad, so I *might* be back for the short term. I’ll keep things updated.

Quick note-blog going on hold

Going on hiatus for a while–aside from updates on Metal Armor Dragonar, I won’t be updating this blog for some time. Have some things to take care of, sorry.

Don’t forget the PSP!

Originally posted on Kimimi The Game-Eating She-Monster:
Its’s 2019 and the PSP’s long dead and buried – if it ever truly lived – just another pretender crushed by Nintendo’s unbroken thirty-year grip on handheld gaming. So it might be surprising to learn that PSP wasn’t a failure. Gaming’s handheld graveyard may be filled with the carcasses…

[Anime News Network] “A Song of Refugees and Fire”

Originally posted on therefore it is:
Non-management: I work at a school in Japan, at the moment of this writing. I assist in teaching English, and one of my English teaching colleagues here loves to play English songs to the students before starting each class of hers. In particular, I’ve heard “We Are the World”…

Living the Good Life, Episode 145 (January 12, 2020, College Saga Interlude): More 2020 chillin!

Nice, relaxing week :thumbsup: EATAN: TIMAN: Star’s workin on the next ep of dragonar, hopefully itll be out soon 😀 WATCHAN: Underwater, the new deep ocean horror movie starring Kirsten Stewart (the Twilight lady). It was actually pretty good, considerably better than I expected, though not as good as the classics off […]

An unfortunate sickness…

No weekly update today, guys. I’ve caught a bad cold and can’t concentrate or write ;-; I’ll be back when I’ve recovered.

All hands on deck! The college struggle begins!

Ooof! Remember last week when I said I couldn’t yet access any syllabi or anything online? That changed pretty quickly. Just looked up my uni’s course catalog thing, it seems like some (though not all) materials have been posted. Alright, so now I can describe what I gotta do… For my first year, I wanna […]

The Case Against Mars

Originally posted on Lagrangian Republican Association:
We are, to put it mildly, no fans of the colonization of Mars and instead we favor orbital space settlements. In the video below Simon Whistler of the TopTenz YouTube channel gives a nice summary of the challenges people will face on Mars. It is not to say…