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An unfortunate sickness…

No weekly update today, guys. I’ve caught a bad cold and can’t concentrate or write ;-; I’ll be back when I’ve recovered. Advertisements

All hands on deck! The college struggle begins!

Ooof! Remember last week when I said I couldn’t yet access any syllabi or anything online? That changed pretty quickly. Just looked up my uni’s course catalog thing, it seems like some (though not all) materials have been posted. Alright, so now I can describe what I gotta do… For my first year, I wanna […]

The Case Against Mars

Originally posted on Lagrangian Republican Association:
We are, to put it mildly, no fans of the colonization of Mars and instead we favor orbital space settlements. In the video below Simon Whistler of the TopTenz YouTube channel gives a nice summary of the challenges people will face on Mars. It is not to say that…

What, exactly, is the role of a historian in 2019?

Originally posted on Forty Acres and a Starship:
This is the question I ask myself on an almost hourly basis now. As everyone gears up for the 2019-20 academic year, I suspect this is a question many of my colleagues across the nation are also asking themselves. As the nation convulses from another wave of…

Divine Conceptualism

Originally posted on Hugh Jidiette:
Many theists have taken the potential existence of platonic objects to compromise God’s aseity and sovereignty. God’s aseity is the view that God does not depend on anything outside himself for his existence. God’s sovereignty is the view that everything outside of God depends on him. It’s easy to see…

A New Problem for Divine Conceptualism?

Originally posted on UseOfReason:
0. Introduction Divine Conceptualism (DC) is an idea about the ontological relationship between God and abstract objects, defended by Greg Welty, in his M.Phil thesis “An Examination of Theistic Conceptual Realism as an Alternative to Theistic Activism“(Welty (2000)), his Philosophia Christi paper “The Lord of Non-Contradiction” (Anderson and Welty (2011)), and his…

Brute Facts and Explanation – Edward Feser, Aristotle’s Revenge: Part Three

Originally posted on Sojourn:
In chapter 2 of Aristotle’s Revenge: The Metaphysical Foundations of the Physical and Biological Sciences, Ed Feser argues for the principle of sufficient reason. Specifically, he argues for the claim that the existence and attributes of every concrete object have a sufficient explanation, where the explanans* doesn’t need to logically entail…