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Living the Good Life, Episode 94 (August 11, 2018): Life keeps you busy!

Ooof…I didn’t get as much done this week as I’d hoped, but I was occupied with some other stuff. I had a dentist’s appointment which gave me a little scare when I remembered my insurance changed, but I made some calls and it turned out I’m all good 😀 So I went to the checkup […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 78 (April 6, 2018): Soo much wind!

Hot damn! Crazy times over here recently. We just had some big windstorm or something and the roof of our house got damaged! We’ll have to pay for repairs, which is a shame, but at least no-one was hurt, so that’s good 😀 Aside from that, this week went pretty well. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Darling […]

Random Thoughts On What I’ve Been Reading Recently

No dedicated writing log today, friends. Wayward Son continues to plod along at a satisfactory pace (just gotta put a few finishing touches on chapter 69 and 70), and I’ve also made a wee bit of progress on my academic work, namely my prospectus–I think I might start describing how things are coming along for […]

Musical Musings

Here’s something different for you this Friday, dear readers: A music-analysis essay! Well, my attempt at one, anyways XD I don’t have much of a grounding in music theory, but I was asked to write on it by a friend of mine. I showed him my previous entry on The Rise and Fall of the […]