Monthly Archives: January 2014

Writing Log #3 and Musings on Scheduling

This hasn’t been a bad week for my writing. While I haven’t reached my previous records of 10k words a night, I’ve managed to barrel through much of The Last Red Shoulder. I might even be able to finish it up this week, at which point I’ll be able to get back to work on […]

Snow Days

A shorter and lighthearted entry for you today, but I hope it won’t be too disappointing this time. Just some thoughts I’ve been entertaining ever since I’ve had a few days “off” due to inclement weather. I live in the Northeast, and we’ve been getting hit quite hard by freezing weather and snowstorms recently. As […]

Quickshot Review of The Long Night by Steve Wick

I’ve a bit of disappointment to offer you today, my friends. I’d wanted my quickshot review of The Long Night: William L. Shirer and the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by Steve Wick, to be detailed and in-depth, but I confess that I’ve found I have very little to say about it. Steve […]

Evil’s Not Fun

I’ve been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto V recently. This won’t be a full review of that game; I’ll just leave you with an overview of my thoughts on it. It’s fun, but I don’t think it really deserves the 10/10s it’s been getting. The writing and humor are excellent, and some of […]

Avoid Miserable People

It’s the second Manosphere Monday here on this blog, albeit somewhat late (today is the first Monday of January, but it’s close to 11:30 PM where I am). Perhaps the heading is a bit misleading, though—the piece of advice I’d like to give today is relevant not only to the Manosphere, but life in general, […]

Musings on Free Speech, Civility, and the Constitution

When I first started this blog, I didn’t really expect too many people to pay attention to it aside from my old Livejournal/Castlevania Dungeon buddies. I’ve been striking out on my own a little bit more, though, and I’ve found quite a few interesting people outside of those communities. While I haven’t got much attention, […]