Monthly Archives: January 2023

Living the Driven Life, Episode 181 (Jan 21, 2023 – Jan 27, 2023):Tough ;-;

Week started out strong, but I messed up ;_; Saturday: Solid A day, had a good meal at Creekview and chilled 😀 Sunday: A- day, just chilled at home. Monday: Same as above, and read the next chapter of Musuko. Lorem almost gets into a fight with Nightmare (who still holds a grudge) but they […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 180 (Jan 14, 2023 – Jan 20, 2023): Nother tough week, but still a good one…

Noice~This one’s out a little late since I thought I hit publish but didn’t, but oh well, got it out before I went to bed. Saturday: A- day, stayed at home and chilled. Also read the next coupla chapters of Alice-San and Musuko respectively 😀 For the former, Alice’s old boss, a very hot-tempered woman, […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 179 (Jan 07, 2023 – Jan 13, 2023):Tough week, but still a good one~

Good days continue! Saturday: Solid A day, went to Golden Hill and did a bit of work for a friend, then relaxed and read 😀 Sunday: Solid A day, finally organized some of my Twitter bookmarks and read the next chapter of Musuko–our hero, daddy Zeke, is facing off against the little kid with teleportation […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 178 (Dec 31, 2022 – Jan 06, 2023): Nice beginning to the new year!

2023 off to a strong start! Saturday: Solid A day, just stayed home and chilled, and played warhammer: Gladius cause a friend gifted it to me XD Sunday: ‘Nother A- day, went out for my beloved Golden Hill and stayed home. Also sent my letter to my friend 😀 Monday: A-, chilled and went to […]