Category Week Rank: A

Gunlord’s Dream Saga, Episode 004 (May 22-28): Convalescence and Berserk…

Didnt get that much work done, but the week was better at least… Monday: A- day! Felt much better, no tummy cramps this time, and a quiet and productive day at work. Also watched a neato vid from Curious Archive: Read the next chappy of Alice-san too, again not a whole lot of development, they […]

Gunlord’s Dream Saga, Episode 001 (May 1-7)

Alright, now things officially get kicked into high gear…well, revving up to it I’d say XD Like I said last week, I wanna really get it into high gear starting now, and this time I’m not just living the driven life–which by that point wasn’t so much driven as just generally happy–but putting my all […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 193 (April 17 – April 23, 2023): Last bit of relaxation as spring starts…

Last bit of relaxation before I hit high gear… Monday: A- day. I found out I made an eensy mistake at work last week, but I made a quick change to the form and resent it so it should be all good 😀 Aside from that, watched The Hollow Child. It was…okay. I didn’t like […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 191 (April 3 – April 9, 2023): Spring 2023 really has begun, w00t!

NOW spring has started, very nice 😀 Monday: Wonderful A+ day! The weather was warm, I think spring has officially sprung, and I got a lot of work done on my own! I gotta finish up the rest of it tomorrow but I think my bosses will be pleased with my initiative 😀 Also read […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 188 (Mar 13 – Mar 19, 2023): Excellent week!

Very nice week, much better 😀 It also seems to be warming up a little, thankfully…a couple stray snow flurries but the snow hasnt stayed on the ground for a long time, so things seem to be getting a lil better! Monday: Definitely an A+ day! Found out I sent the mail to the right […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 186 (Feb 27 – Mar 5, 2023): Not a bad week :D

Nice start to March 2023 😀 Monday: Day started out as an A+, went down to an F due to a MASSIVE stroke of bad luck, then back to an A because of an unexpected stroke of good luck! 😀 Okay, so I was having a great day at work, very productive, got all my […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 185 (Feb 20 – Feb 26, 2023): RIP Matsumoto…

Another good week for me personally, though melancholy for the world… Monday: Solid A day for me personally, good day at work and all that, but still melancholy…found out Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Harlock, passed away 😦 Tuesday: A+ day! Good job at work and I got sum gas when I went home :> Wednesday: […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 184 (Feb 13 – Feb 19, 2023): More good times continue~

Still nice~ Monday: A+ day, easy day at work and got paid 😀 Tuesday: Solid A day, productive day at work 😀 Wednesday: Solid A day! Went out to Creekview, then when I got home I found out the anime based on Pluto, one of my absolute favorite mangas, is still on track and might […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 183 (Feb 6 – Feb 12, 2023): Good times continue~

Nice~ Monday: Solid A day! Had a nice day at work and read the next chapter of Alice-san. Man, the protag goes on a fun beach trip with her, but at the end of it just straight up confesses. Was NOT expecting that, but like I said on Mangadex, nice to see more romance manga […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 182 (Jan 28, 2023 – Feb 5, 2023): Better (lil more than a) week…

Hooof. Saturday: A- day, just chilled at home. Sunday: A- day, Same as above, plus read the next chapter of Musuko, Zeke faces off against the teleporting kid and still worries about him despite being an enemy, what a nice guy ;-; Monday: Solid A day, we managed to get by at work without the […]