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College Saga, Episode 1 (August 31, 2019): A New Semester Begins!

All right, ladies and gents! Like I said last week, I’m no longer living the good life…I’ve embarked on my College Saga! As I also mentioned, it hasn’t really picked up steam yet…I have to take care of some gen ed requirements (“science literacy”), but after I finish up those three courses (basic bio, basic […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 141 (August 24, 2019): The good life ends for now, College begins again…

Like the title says, this is gonna be the last Living the Good Life entry for a while. College starts next week… WATCHAN: Nothin much this week. I did get IT and Blade Runner 2049 on Blu-ray, though. I suppose you could say I’ve been watching a lot of vids from one horror youtuber I’m […]

Doing It Right This Time (Winning Too Hard, Part 2 of ?)

Remember a little while ago, in this entry about One-Punch Man, I mentioned I was going back to college? Today I’d like to talk a little more about why I’m doing so specifically. To an extent it’s pragmatism. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m not having all that much luck in the job […]

All hands on deck! The college struggle begins!

Ooof! Remember last week when I said I couldn’t yet access any syllabi or anything online? That changed pretty quickly. Just looked up my uni’s course catalog thing, it seems like some (though not all) materials have been posted. Alright, so now I can describe what I gotta do… For my first year, I wanna […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 140 (August 17, 2019): Maybe I should spend more time relaxan…

Decent week. I got a good bit of work done, in that I finished a very long book, Playing at the World, which clocked in at 720 pages. But man, it was tiring…I think I might just spend the next week doing nothing but relaxing, because I’m not gonna have much time for that pretty […]

The Case Against Mars

Originally posted on Lagrangian Republican Association:
We are, to put it mildly, no fans of the colonization of Mars and instead we favor orbital space settlements. In the video below Simon Whistler of the TopTenz YouTube channel gives a nice summary of the challenges people will face on Mars. It is not to say…

Living the Good Life, Episode 139 (August 10, 2019): Some relaxation before the deluge, though not much productivity…

A nice and relaxing week, but not a very productive one. Gonna have to up the ante next week… WATCHAN: Rewatched SPT Layzner. Despite being the show where a good portion of my present online identity comes from–it’s where my icon and header are from, and it’s one of the factors that kickstarted me abandoning […]

What, exactly, is the role of a historian in 2019?

Originally posted on Forty Acres and a Starship:
This is the question I ask myself on an almost hourly basis now. As everyone gears up for the 2019-20 academic year, I suspect this is a question many of my colleagues across the nation are also asking themselves. As the nation convulses from another wave of…

Anti-Thomist Tidbits: A Defense of the Sexual Revolutionary

A couple weeks ago, the philosopher Edward Feser–despite all I’ve written about him, I can’t call him my rival or nemesis, because he doesn’t know I exist–wrote a blog entry titled, “Psychoanalyzing the Sexual Revolutionary.” In that essay, he argues that “sexual revolutionaries”–those who see nothing wrong with homosexual sex, or trans people, or just […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 138 (August 3, 2019): Excellent productivity!

Another good week, this bodes well! As always, the lowdown… WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 38: Huh, this is weird. In the last episode, 37, Diavolo had just had the crap punched out of him, but now it’s Mista, Abbacio, Narancia, and Fugo chilling in Italy and just hanging out. A flashback or something? Well, then it’s […]