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Wayward Son Wednesdays–Author’s Notes!

Not a post about my dissertation today, friends–that’ll come on Friday. Rather, it’s to correct a *little* bit of disappointment I had with the course of Wayward Son. See, I’d intended to post several more entries about it before finishing it off–but as it happened, I managed to get it out super quickly, completing it […]

The themes of Wayward Son

Well, everyone, it’s finally over. After over nine years and one million words, Wayward Son is finally completed. Lord, is it a relief. All that work finally come to fruition. I’ve already said a lot on other places–my Livejournal (now abandoned), the Writer’s Guild, places like that. I don’t need to repeat it here. […]

On Writing: Making Renault Believable

Wayward Son is progressing well, my friends–very well indeed. I’ve already finished up chapters 81 and 82, and I’ll get started on the final chapter soon. I hadn’t expected to make this much progress, which means I may end up posting a lot of my Wayward Son entries *after* I finish the series, not before. […]

My Favorite Scenes in Wayward Son

Hey guys! After such a big entry last time, I thought I’d be a little easier on myself with a smaller entry tonight. I’ll just quickly list off my favorite scenes in Wayward Son 😀 This will be in the order that I liked them, not necessarily their order in the fic itself, so watch […]

Canon Concerns–The Specifics!

As promised last week, my friends, here’s another entry on ensuring Wayward Son stayed canon-compliant with Fire Emblem 6 and 7, this time in much more detail, since I covered the generals previously. Some of this information might be in the notes in the chapters themselves, but for interested friends of the blog who haven’t […]

Canon Concerns

A slightly meatier entry than my previous ones, friends. It may also be a bit relevant to fanfiction in general, so hopefully of interest to a wide array of writers rather than just Wayward Son fans or even Fire Emblem fans! Today I’ll be discussing how I (tried) to ensure Wayward Son stayed in compliance […]

Gunlord’s favorite writing place and time! And hauls!

A considerably shorter and perhaps more whimsical entry for you today, my friends. Today, I’d like to talk about my favorite places to write! I’ve worked on Wayward Son in all kinds of places. My house, my dorm room in college, my dorm room and apartment in grad school, public areas and Internet cafes, and […]

Gunlord’s Writing Method

Yet another fanfiction-writing related entry for you today, friends! It’s a bit more light-hearted and less critical. I’ll discuss my writing method! The first thing I do is look at my overall story outline. That’s a file in my Wayward Son folder that goes through revisions constantly and is pretty short. Stuff gets added and […]

Writing Perspectives: Things that Make a Long Fic

After nearly 10 years (this past August was its 9th) Wayward Son is coming to an end, my friends. I just published chapter 79 and it’ll all be over with chapter 83. I made that point, among others, at the end of the latest chapter, and I also made a promise: To post some entries […]

Writing and Progress

Ah, an early entry for you today, brothers and sisters! I actually had this done and edited a few hours ago, so I can post it a little early, when it’s almost Friday rather than mid or even early Friday 😀 I give to you some musing on Wayward Son, writing in general, and politics. […]