Monthly Archives: January 2022

Living the Driven Life, Episode 174 (January 23-January 29, 2022): Nother tough week…

Worse week 😦 Sunday: A- day. Played a bit of Vindy and did a bit of work on my writing, I’m not displeased 😀 Monday: A- day overall. I went out to my beloved Golden Hill, but man, the roads were really bad, I shouldn’t have. However, it was good experience driving in bad snow […]


Living the Driven Life, Episode 173 (January 16-January 22, 2022): Tougher week…

Not a bad week on its own, but worse than the previous. Sunday: A- day. Went out to eat and played Vindy, nothing else to say. Monday: A- day overall. I got snowed in, which sucked, but I ended up getting a lot of house cleaning done, which was very good, so it came out […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 172 (January 9-January 15, 2022): More relaxation…

Nother easy, chill week, okay, okay. Sunday: Solid A day! Went out for a nice meal at my beloved Golden Hill Asian Cuisine, and an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite came in today! Also played a lot of Vindy. Monday: Nice day, A-. Played some vindy and read Salvation Day by Kali Wallace, didn’t get much work […]

Jotting down some quick ethics notes

Random small essaylet I cam up with after a discussion on Twitter, putting it here for my own reference. In a recent discussion with someone defending the concept of good as fulfilling a function, the other party agreed with me that something can only be said to have a function at all if it’s part […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 171 (January 2-January 8, 2022): More relaxation…

Only 2 days of work period, and I moved my dentist’s appointment to the summer. So a pretty relaxin week overall! Sunday: Solid A day. Got a lot of sleeping and Vindy in, plus some work 😀 Also read next chappy, 142, of Musuko ga Kawaiikute Shitaganai. Merii’s plan worked, event though she has to […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 170 (December 27, 2021-January 1, 2022): Welcome 2k22!

Lot of work this week, but since it was 2 days of normal work and 3 days of night shift, which is my fave, I consider it as just having 2 days of work, really. Nice! Sunday: Nother A+ day. Went out to my beloved Little Lamb for my beloved Chow Fun, did a bit […]