Monthly Archives: December 2013

Quick Vindictus note

Pair of bugs which have really been pissing me off lately: 1: If you alt+tab out of the game for a second while a boat is loading, it’ll crash entirely and give you an error message in Korean.2: The game disconnects constantly, and I don’t think it’s just my internet connection. It’s DCd twice while […]

Gunlord’s Writing Log #2

Whoo…this week wasn’t much better than the last, but it was a little better. After being struck by some inspiration at one point, I think I managed to get 3000 words down on the latest chapter (unreleased) of Wayward Son, and maybe 1000 words on the latest (unreleased) chapter of The Last Red Shoulder. Some […]

Writer’s Block…or, Writer’s Roadblock, and the (possible) causes of it.

No book review this week, my friends. At this stage in my life I really want to concentrate hardcore-like (I know how it sounds XD) on something that’s both important to me and that I want to finish soon. Namely, my fanfiction, and even more namely, the novella and “epic” novel which will finally mark […]

Man and Mortality: Gunlord’s Quickshot Review of William L. Shirer’s Twentieth Century Journey: A Native’s Return, 1945-1988

After reading the final volume of William L. Shirer’s autobiography, I have to admit one thing above all: I don’t know if the 21st century will be as bloody and chaotic as the 20th. I’m not sure if it’ll even be as exciting. While I can hope for the latter and hope against the former, […]

Manosphere Mondays #1: Return of Kings and Manosphere Media Success

An entry on a Monday? What madness is this? It’s something new I wanted to try. See, once again some friends of mine were talking about a subject related to the “manosphere” (which I described here). It inspired me to jot down a quick post on the subject, but I don’t really want to spend […]