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Orals Tips

It’s that time again, my friends. One more post on things I’ve learned from grad school, this time on a specific academic subject. Since completing my orals was the greatest triumph of my life so far, I’m going to give you all some tips I’ve gleaned from the process! Granted, they’ll apply primarily to oral […]

My just reward after grad school

After all that hardcore work at grad school, my friends, it’s only fitting I get myself a reward, eh? I already mentioned most of this stuff in a previous entry, but here a pics of it! I ordered it all at grad school and had it mailed to me back home, here’s the packaging… And […]

Lessons Learned from Grad School

I suppose, my friends, that you could say I’ve been on a series of themed posts lately. Well, ok, maybe not, but you can say this post will be the second in a series. The first was my Goodbye New Haven post last friday, where I mentioned that since I completed my third year and […]

Random Musings on Catholicism and Liturgical Languages (x-posted to Tumblr and Medium)

I can understand the historical reasons for the Catholic Church’s use of Latin as a liturgical language, of course. In Western Europe, at least, it was simultaneously “everyone’s and no-one’s” (as I recall one historian putting it, though I don’t remember his name). It was the only common language at a time when, following the […]

Things I Learned in New Haven and What I’d Do Differently

Alright, my friends, at long last, a somewhat more in-depth entry! My 3rd year of grad school is something of a watershed, at least at my uni. It’s definitely the hardest–even though I’m not taking any more classes, I’m teaching AND studying for orals exams! Now that I’ve succeeded at both, though, I’m what’s called […]

A Pastor’s Apology To The Single Community

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:
This is a message to all those who are single or who have spent any years in the Church as a single person. As a pastor who has served in local church ministry for the past 17 years, I wanted to apologize to you on behalf of so many of us who…

Summer, glorious summer!

Not a serious or heavy entry for you today, brothers and sisters. I’m just so happy I had to get this out right now! I’ve made a summer entry before–just last year, in fact. However, the weather is so glorious–and the winter so long–that I think another entry full of praise for the summer is […]

Back in business!

Very good update for you today, my friends: Just posted the latest chapter of Wayward Son! For today’s entry, I’d like to talk a little bit about it. Major spoilers ahead, so be careful about reading between the asterisks! ******************************************************* The first thing to note about this chapter is that I wrote it fairly […]

A Stillness in Baltimore

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Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles defeated the Chicago White Sox by a score of 8-2 at Baltimore’s Camden Yards “Oriole Park.” Normally an afternoon game in April would pass nearly unnoticed except for the fans of the teams involved and those who just love the game. But…

Baltimore and the Tradition of American Rioting