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Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 25 (August 30, 2020): When do classes start? RIGHT THE HELL NOW

EXTREMELY productive week, my friends. First, I’ve been really getting the word out about my new book, I’ve had some great AMAs on Reddit 😀 However, I’ve also gotta be major busy with…college stuff! So one of my courses (COM240) released the stuff for the first week early. Thus, at the tail end of this […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 154 (August 23, 2020): Week after next things get crazy…

Another good week, my friends. Things are gonna heat up again soon (week after next, more or less, given my schedule), but for now I can enjoy everything. EATAN: TIMAN: Star says she’s gonna get to Dragonar next week 😀 WATCHAN: Ep. 19 of No Guns Life: Picks up right where the […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 153 (August 16, 2020): Gotta keep up the hustle!

Another good week, my friends. Things are gonna heat up again soon, but for now I can enjoy everything. EATAN: TIMAN: This week I was too busy to do much, I’ll contact Star next week. WATCHAN: Ep. 18 of No Guns Life: This was a REALLY good episode–mostly stand-alone, but with […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 152 (August 9, 2020): VERY accomplished week!

WOO-HOO! Finally, YEARS of work have come to fruition! The project I’ve been working on? It’s OUT, guys! 😀 Aside from that, I also had a lot of fun this week, so it was a great one. Here it is: EATAN: TIMAN: Star’s working on another project right now, AFTER that […]

The Unnecessary Science – A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory: OUT NOW!!

A VERY good day today, my friends. You know that writing project I’ve been talking about all the time? IT’S FINALLY COMPLETE, PUBLISHED, AND READY TO BUY! As most of y’all know, I’ve spent the last couple of years critiquing the philosophy (Catholic Natural Law theory) of Edward Feser pretty intensely. Well, this book […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 151 (August 2, 2020): Another relaxing week~

Just chilling this week, though next week *might* get a little busy ;D   EATAN: TIMAN: Nothing this week, but just as well, cause Starstar’s been working on her other important projects. WATCHAN: Ep. 16 of No Guns Life: The cop guy roughs up Mary and Juzo a bit, but then Evil Victor sends […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 150 (July 26, 2020): Lotta manga readin!

Fun week this week, just chillin and readin manga.   EATAN:   TIMAN: Nothing this week ;-; WATCHAN: Ep. 15 of No Guns Life: Interesting episode. Juzo and Victor fight, and Vic soon gains the upper hand thanks to his powers, and paralyzes Juzo! He starts gloating and talks about how in the war, […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 149 (July 19, 2020): Got my new major set up…

Welp, got it all set up. Made a call, did a bit of business online, and I’ve got 3 online Communications courses next semester along with one minor math course (that I was gonna take anyways as it overlaps with compsci). I’ll deal with those as they come, but for now it seems like I […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 148 (July 12, 2020): Getting ready for a new major…

Well, going on what I said last week, changing majors it is. I think I might go with Communications because as it turns out, some of my compsci courses already taken can be shifted over to that, which is pretty convenient. I made a call and set up an advising appointment with the department next […]

Guess this is as far as I’ll go…(Gunlord and Math)

I’ll be blunt, my friends. I think I’ve discovered the limits of my mathematical abilities. There are three things I’ll explain in this post. First is why I feel this way, second is how I’ve incorporated what I’ve learned into my worldview, and third is what I’m planning to do from here on out. What […]