I’ll just leave this here…

A much needed–and hilarious–corrective for people who think Russia’s some epic rising superpower. XD XD

Russia Without BS

The next time you’re reading some alarmist article about Russia being this rising global threat and World War III is just around the corner, I highly suggest you take this story into account. I realize that those not familiar with the post-Soviet Russian military may be skeptical, but in defense of its authenticity I have two arguments. The first is that the site clearly has a Team Russia bias, therefore they would have a motive not to publish such an embarrassing story. The typical Team Russia response to anyone pointing out any social problem in Russia is to find one example of a similar occurrence anywhere in the world and then declare that the problem is the same everywhere, even though it clearly isn’t. The second piece of evidence is that everything in the story jives with other stories I’ve seen from time to time in the Russian press. Photographs…

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