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Living the Good Life, Episode 30 (April 28, 2017 ): A productive, but not stressful week!

Excellent week, my friends! I’ll get to my dissertation stuff soon, but first things first: I got a recliner on Tuesday and it is SOOOOOOO comfy. So much easier working now 😀 Beforehand my back would start to hurt if I sat too long typing in front of my computer monitor (i.e my TV) but […]

Urban Space and Foreign Culture in Eccentric Family 2

Originally posted on Ideas Without End:
The Glover House, Nagasaki. Image is Public Domain The returning native as a disruptive presence in a traditional society is the focus of Eccentric Family 2; it brings with it ideas of modernisation and a hermetic society being opened up to foreign influence. Tenmaya, the man who beat the…

Living the Good Life, Episode 29 (Friday, April 21, 2017): Puttin some work in!

Back to the regular, my friends! But I’ve also recently got something to keep me busy ;o Read on! WATCHAN: Second season of Berserk is out! I missed it for a couple weeks but I managed to catch up this week. Episode 13: Uuugh…the animation isn’t much better than it was before (for instance, the […]

RIP Norio Shioyama

No living the good life entry this week, my friends. Someone I look up to, Norio Shioyama died in a fire recently. Norio Shioyama was the character designer for one of my favorite anime, Armored Trooper VOTOMs, along with other important ones, like Daitarn 3 and Ronin Warriors. In my case, though, I knew […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 28 (April 7, 2017): Lotta readan!

Ah, another relaxing week. As usual, the lowdown: WATCHAN: Watched the new Ghost in the Shell live action movie with Scarlett Johansen. It was actually better than I was expecting…I thought it’d be terrible, but the music was better than the ridiculous “remix” of the 1995 theme I’d been expecting from the trailers, and the […]