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Resident Gunlord, Episode 14 (June 21, 2020): Fourth Week of the Grind…

Grind, grind grind. Uuugh… GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Programming Assignment 1 – DONE! Programming Assignment 2 Programming Assignment 3 Programming Assignment 4 Programming Assignment 5 Weekly HW 1 – DONE! Weekly HW 2 – DONE! Weekly HW 3 – DONE! Weekly HW 4 – DONE! Weekly HW 5 Weekly HW 6 Weekly HW 7 Weekly HW […]

Resident Gunlord, Episode 13 (June 14, 2020): Third Week of the Grind…

Shit. As you can tell from my previous couple of entries,I thought I might be in a tight spot this week, but as it turned out, things went better than I thought…for now. Even aside from that (won’t talk about it now, might talk about it later), it was a tough week. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: […]

Resident Gunlord, Episode 10 (May 24, 2020): Decent break!

Back to (online) classes next week, so this week I can just relax…Also, this entry didn’t upload on Sunday! I wonder why! Really weird, sorry for the lateness guys. I shoulda checked… GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Nothin, just relaxin~ WORKIN: Monday: Watched a bit of LoGH and played MHW all day. Also, AWESOME news, I heard Berserk […]

Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 16 (February 2, 2020, SEASON 2 START): Fun fun fun….

Just got through the first week (out of 14) of my second semester…It’s not so bad. Thankfully I’m only taking 2 courses (so I’m a part time student), which makes it a little less stressful. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: COURSE 1: CALCULUS 101: HOMEWORK 1: DONE! HOMEWORK 2: HOMEWORK 3: HOMEWORK 4: HOMEWORK 5: HOMEWORK 6: […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 146 (January 19, 2020, College Saga Interlude): Nice 2020 chillin!

Another nice, relaxing week :thumbsup: EATAN:   TIMAN: YES! Starseeker and my great QC, Tougewolf, just finished up ep 41 of Dragonar! Good times ;D WATCHAN:  Nothin this week, busy implementing Touge’s changes 😀 PLAYAN: Subnautica again for some reason. I just really like crafting nice, peaceful, picaresque bases. Although I’ve found that […]

Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 15 (December 15, 2019): (SEASON 1 FINALE): Finally done with the semester…

Well, my first semester of my second run-through of college is finally done with. Here’s the lowdown… GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: COURSE 2: BASIC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY DONE COURSE 4: INTRO TO COMPUTER SCIENCE DONE   WORKIN: Monday: EXCELLENT DAY! Got a fair bit of studying done, and ALSO knocked off another ep of Dragonar (only 8 […]

College Saga, Episode 1 (August 31, 2019): A New Semester Begins!

All right, ladies and gents! Like I said last week, I’m no longer living the good life…I’ve embarked on my College Saga! As I also mentioned, it hasn’t really picked up steam yet…I have to take care of some gen ed requirements (“science literacy”), but after I finish up those three courses (basic bio, basic […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 139 (August 10, 2019): Some relaxation before the deluge, though not much productivity…

A nice and relaxing week, but not a very productive one. Gonna have to up the ante next week… WATCHAN: Rewatched SPT Layzner. Despite being the show where a good portion of my present online identity comes from–it’s where my icon and header are from, and it’s one of the factors that kickstarted me abandoning […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 138 (August 3, 2019): Excellent productivity!

Another good week, this bodes well! As always, the lowdown… WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 38: Huh, this is weird. In the last episode, 37, Diavolo had just had the crap punched out of him, but now it’s Mista, Abbacio, Narancia, and Fugo chilling in Italy and just hanging out. A flashback or something? Well, then it’s […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 137 (July 27, 2019): Productivity boost as things heat up!

All right! This is the sorta week I like, friends. Very, very good indeed! The lowdown… WATCHAN: No jojo this week either! Was 37 really the last episode?! I find that hard to believe, but…well, I guess I just gotta keep an eye out. Anyways… I finally watched all of a DVD set I got […]