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Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 73 (November 21-November 27, 2021): 13th week of my 5th semester (Thanxgiving 2021!)

One of the worst weeks I’ve had in a while, though still better than my sick week, AND it could have been a lot worse, so I’m thankful for that at least XD GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Course 1: COM 447 (Graphics) Project 1 – DONE! Project 2 – DONE! Project 3 – DONE! Project 4 […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 161 (June 27-July 3, 2021): EXCELLENT week, much improvement!

ALL RIGHT! This week was MUUUUUUCH better. Solid string of good days and a lot of writing done! Sunday: Excellent day! Got a fair bit of writing done,and watched the last ep of Megalo Box. Oh, man. I don’t know quite what to say. The ending was…anticlimactic, but honestly keeping with the show’s themes of […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 160 (June 20-June 26, 2021): Week picked up at the end, but not as good as it coulda been.

This week started out alright, sucked in the middle, but picked up by the end…coulda been worse. Sunday: Got a decent haul from Amazon and Gamestop! To Terra manga and Aegis Rim, the game. Then I went out to Santora’s and when I got home, watched the second-last ep of Megalo Box 2. Sedate episode…Joe […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 159 (June 13-June 19, 2021): Still trying to boost things…

Still not as productive as I’d hoped, though I made some progress, and not too bad an extent either. Sunday: Not a bad day. Went out to Denny’s and mainly relaxed, though I did get a bit of writing done. Quite a bit, in fact…not as much as I’d hoped, but about 2000 words done, […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 158 (June 6-June 12, 2021): Good week, but not as productive as I’d hoped.

This was a good, fun week, and I got some nice work done, but not as much as I’d hoped. Distractions kept getting in my way. Hopefully over the next couple days I can really put the pedal to the metal. Sunday: Went out to the library and Santora’s, then watched ep 10 of Megalo […]

It’s all in the (world) mystery

Of all the media I’ve consumed, all the books and comics/manga I’ve read over the years (and it’s a whole lot) I can think of only two I’ve consistently come back to, time and time again, for near or over a decade. I love plenty of series and manga, of course–Parasyte, Ogre Battle, plenty of […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 157 (May 30-June 5, 2021): Productivity!

Another week of Miura’s passing giving me a wake-up call to get off my butt and try to get stuff done. Sunday: Nice day! Went out for some beef and mushroom chow fun at Little Lamb, then watched ep 9 of Megalo Box. Starts off pretty slow, with a couple kids helping Joe restore his […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 156 (May 23-29, 2021): Still getting by…

Still a little melancholy over Miura’s death, but I’m talking with my friends from the Berserk fandom and others over Discord and they’re keeping me grounded. However, you may have noticed a change in the title of these. I might write about it later, but Miura’s death made me determined to be more focused. He […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 155 (May 16-22, 2021): A giant’s left us…

Was having an excellent week, but on Wednesday I and pretty much the entire world got a MASSIVE shot of bad news. The lowdown: Sunday: EPIC Day! A+++! First the weather was wonderful–warm, blue sky with puffy white clouds, a perfect summer day. Went out to Santora’s and enjoyed myself, but when I got home…w00t! […]

Thank you, Professor Miura

I don’t quite know how to start an entry like this. But I guess there’s noplace else to start than with the news. Kentaro Miura, author of Berserk, one of my very favorite manga–and objectively one of the most influential contemporary manga, period–has passed away. 【三浦建太郎先生 ご逝去の報】『ベルセルク』の作者である三浦建太郎先生が、2021年5月6日、急性大動脈解離のため、ご逝去されました。三浦先生の画業に最大の敬意と感謝を表しますとともに、心よりご冥福をお祈りいたします。2021年5月20日 株式会社白泉社 ヤングアニマル編集部 — ベルセルク公式ツイッター (@berserk_project) May 20, 2021 There’s […]