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Adventures in South Carolina

Jeezus fuckin’ Christus, what a week. Lemme start from the top. On Sunday, I went off to the airport, first to Atlanta, and then to Columbia, SC. Not much to say there…both flights were uneventful, aside from a slight delay to Columbia. I did notice something more general about the people I saw, but that’s […]

A Brush with the Law

Not a long entry for you today, friends, or even a “Relaxation Saga” entry, though I’ll probably do one of those next week. Instead, I’d just like to describe an amusing incident I already told some friends of mine on Facebook about, along with some lessons learned from it. Long story short, I got pulled […]

Chatroom Justice

This entry’s actually been cross-posted to my Tumblr and facebook blogs–I figured some of you might be interested in these sorts of matters, so I copied it here as well. I have, in a stroke of the most thorough irony, acquired a rather sturdy tolerance for the people called “Social Justice Warriors” over the past […]

Progress and Fantasy

Much to my acquaintance’s surprise/and or dismay–if he were actually aware of any of my entries, of course–he’s provided me a surprising amount of fodder for my blog entries. I’d intended only to write one about the stuff we talked about, but it seems like I can make two! Probably no more than that, but […]

Musings on Religion (x-posted to my tumblr)

There’s an old quote from the Christian author and apologist C.S. Lewis that a lot of folks–Christians and conservatives, sure, but others as well–seem to like. I think it’s this one: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live […]

Gunlord’s Guide to Surviving in the Aliens Expanded Universe

This past week has been horrid for me, my friends–despite it being a lovely summer, I somehow managed to come down with a cold! Fortunately I’m feeling better, but I was really out of it for the past few days, and I could barely even get out of bed to turn on my computer! What […]

Moar things Gunlord has been up to-Mid-June edition

One more sort of sedate entry for you today, companions. Some of the things I’ve been doing have been sort of interesting, even if they’re not hardcore fanfiction or dissertation work, so I figured I would talk about them a bit. 1: Corrected some trouble with an order! In my previous entry, I noted […]