Monthly Archives: September 2015

Moar amazon hauls!

Got some more stuff from recently, my friends. Here’s the latest: A History of Bangladesh, by William Van Schendel. I figured I’d learn a little more about Bangladeshi history since my folks are from there. 😀 Wings of Honneamise on Blu-Ray. This is a fantastic anime movie, so I wanted to experience it in […]

Thoughts on Bloodborne

I finished Bloodborne for the PS4 about a week ago. It’s technically not part of the Demon’s/Dark Souls series (and Dark Souls III is coming out in a couple of months), but it’s pretty much the same thing–a dark fantasy ARPG with a vague plot the player fills in themself through item descriptions and stuff. […]

Quick Thoughts on Game Design-Voyage du Petit Nuage

I’ve been playing a lot of video games recently. Bloodborne, mainly (which will be the subject of a post next week), but also a couple of other smaller ones. I’ve wanted to write a little bit about what I liked and disliked about the mechanical and level design of those games, so I figured I […]

Book reviews of all the kindle horror novels I got recently

Alright guys, as promised, here are the reviews I posted for all the Kindle books I got recently! Phew…quite a lot! I posted all of them along with their star reviews on, of course. Ravage, Ian Rob Wright Competent Zombie Apocalypse Novel There’s not really much to say as a summary for this story. […]