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Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 48 (February 20, 2021): Third week of my fourth semester down…

Things really started this week, oh boy. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Course 1: COM 200 (Research) Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Exam 1 Exam 2 Research Project-Question Selection Research Project – Literature Review Research Project – Nuts and Bolts of Project Research Project – Final Proposal Class Activity 1 – DONE Class Activity 2 – DONE Class […]

The Dream Is Over, Though Not Dead (Gunlord’s Kickstarter Retrospective)

Well, I hadn’t mentioned this in December, but with the release of Phoenix Point, pretty much every project I kickstarted (Over 80%) has been mostly completed, one way or another. Nearly all of them still have stretch goals and DLC to meet, of course, but at this point, with the exception of Xenonauts 2 and […]

College Saga, Episode 2 (September 14, 2019): Second and third weeks of my first adventure in my second attempt at college….

Damn! Like I mentioned in my last entry, I got really sick last Saturday, so I couldn’t get my entry out on time. Thus, this post will cover both last week and this week! Aside from the sickness, though, both weeks were pretty good. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: COURSE ONE: BASIC GEOLOGY: EXAM 1 – DONE! […]

College Saga, Episode 1 (August 31, 2019): A New Semester Begins!

All right, ladies and gents! Like I said last week, I’m no longer living the good life…I’ve embarked on my College Saga! As I also mentioned, it hasn’t really picked up steam yet…I have to take care of some gen ed requirements (“science literacy”), but after I finish up those three courses (basic bio, basic […]