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Living the Good Life, Episode 35 (June 2, 2017 ): Easy living, but a bit of progress!

Another week, another set of good times! And another low-down, of course 😀 WATCHAN: Berserk 18: Excellent episode, at least by Berserk TV standards. None of the scene cuts seemed to be that poorly conceived, some nice characterization, and Guts looked pretty badass when he started cutting up those trolls. Not the best stuff I’ve […]


Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays, whatever the case may be! I hope all of you had a great day yesterday 😀 My Christmas was actually pretty uneventful…just stayed home all day with the family and didn’t do much aside from eat and play Vindictus. I did get some nice stuff, though. A nice new pair of boots […]

You guys gotta read this A good academic study on mecha anime, commissioned by a Japanese institute for the study of culture and translated by Matt Alt. Relevant to my interests, and relevant to a few of yours, I’d wager. 8)

Gender Benders: Gunlord’s Quickshot Review of Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy

Gender in Japanese society captures more than a bit of attention these days, mostly in the form of “Oh Japan, u so crazy” type articles. Any gender-related search term—or, heck, any term, really—and Japan will bring up articles on panty vending machines or wacky Japanese tentacle rape anime or a piece on transsexuals that goes […]

Things Gunlord Has Been Up To (Thoughts on Shonen Manga)

Ah, the past week has been good to me. I’m feeling 100% better! Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Now that I’ve recovered from my illness, I can start posting regular entries on my regular schedule again! While I was laid up in bed for most of last week, I got a lot of reading […]