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Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays, whatever the case may be! I hope all of you had a great day yesterday 😀 My Christmas was actually pretty uneventful…just stayed home all day with the family and didn’t do much aside from eat and play Vindictus. I did get some nice stuff, though. A nice new pair of boots […]

You guys gotta read this A good academic study on mecha anime, commissioned by a Japanese institute for the study of culture and translated by Matt Alt. Relevant to my interests, and relevant to a few of yours, I’d wager. 8)

Gender Benders: Gunlord’s Quickshot Review of Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy

Gender in Japanese society captures more than a bit of attention these days, mostly in the form of “Oh Japan, u so crazy” type articles. Any gender-related search term—or, heck, any term, really—and Japan will bring up articles on panty vending machines or wacky Japanese tentacle rape anime or a piece on transsexuals that goes […]

Things Gunlord Has Been Up To (Thoughts on Shonen Manga)

Ah, the past week has been good to me. I’m feeling 100% better! Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Now that I’ve recovered from my illness, I can start posting regular entries on my regular schedule again! While I was laid up in bed for most of last week, I got a lot of reading […]