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Gunlord’s Dream Saga, Episode 004 (May 22-28): Convalescence and Berserk…

Didnt get that much work done, but the week was better at least… Monday: A- day! Felt much better, no tummy cramps this time, and a quiet and productive day at work. Also watched a neato vid from Curious Archive: Read the next chappy of Alice-san too, again not a whole lot of development, they […]

Gunlord’s Dream Saga, Episode 003 (May 15-21): Not such a good week…

Not an improvement :< Monday: A- day, decent day at work, not much else to be said. Tuesday: C- day! I came down with an annoying tummy bug–not the worst I’ve ever had, but enough to keep me on the can for a while. I asked my boss for a day off and thankfully he […]

Gunlord’s Dream Saga, Episode 002 (May 8-14): Revving up…

Things arent quite in high gear yet, but it is an improvement compared to last week 😀 Monday: A- day, productive day at work but there’s a new thing I gotta do with the file uploading site, I hope I’ll figure it out by tomorrow. Aside from that, read the next the next chappy of […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 194 (April 24 – April 30, 2023): Maybe not the last bit of relaxation…

Really did not get much work done this week since I was so excited about Berserk, so I guess I can’t say I’ve gotten into full gear yet, though I did get a little bit of preliminary work done. Next week might be it–I think weeks when a new chappy of Berserk comes out are […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 193 (April 17 – April 23, 2023): Last bit of relaxation as spring starts…

Last bit of relaxation before I hit high gear… Monday: A- day. I found out I made an eensy mistake at work last week, but I made a quick change to the form and resent it so it should be all good 😀 Aside from that, watched The Hollow Child. It was…okay. I didn’t like […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 192 (April 10 – April 16, 2023): Second-Last bit of relaxation as spring starts…

Alright, imma get some relaxation in this week, and a little next week, and the week after THAT I’ll get started on the main stuff… Monday: Solid A day! Good day at work and it was VERY nice and warm. Spring has definitely sprung! Watched Pulse: Hacker guy inadvertently starts the apocalypse by allowing demons […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 191 (April 3 – April 9, 2023): Spring 2023 really has begun, w00t!

NOW spring has started, very nice 😀 Monday: Wonderful A+ day! The weather was warm, I think spring has officially sprung, and I got a lot of work done on my own! I gotta finish up the rest of it tomorrow but I think my bosses will be pleased with my initiative 😀 Also read […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 190 (Mar 27 – April 2, 2023): April starts off well, though not spring!

I spoke too soon last week, spring hasn’t really started…snow is still coming 😦 But other than that this week was great 😀 Monday: VERY A+ day! The only bad thing was that it snowed, so I guess spring isn’t entirely here yet, but my boss said I did a good job on a letter […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 189 (Mar 20 – Mar 26, 2023): Wonderful start to spring!

Spring is officially here! No more snow, hooray! That’s definitely some wonderful news, this winter was just terrible. Monday: A+ day! My boss managed to get the printer fixed, it was just an issue with the cartridge, as it turns out, so I didnt mess up too badly after all, haha. Great! Absolutely wonderful news […]

Living the Driven Life, Episode 188 (Mar 13 – Mar 19, 2023): Excellent week!

Very nice week, much better 😀 It also seems to be warming up a little, thankfully…a couple stray snow flurries but the snow hasnt stayed on the ground for a long time, so things seem to be getting a lil better! Monday: Definitely an A+ day! Found out I sent the mail to the right […]