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Resident Gunlord, Episode 11 (May 31, 2020): Back to the grind…

Yup, back at it. Here’s hoping this entry actually publishes at the correct time… GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Programming Assignment 1 Programming Assignment 2 Programming Assignment 3 Programming Assignment 4 Programming Assignment 5 Weekly HW 1 – DONE! Weekly HW 2 Weekly HW 3 Weekly HW 4 Weekly HW 5 Weekly HW 6 Weekly HW 7 […]

Resident Gunlord, Episode 10 (May 24, 2020): Decent break!

Back to (online) classes next week, so this week I can just relax…Also, this entry didn’t upload on Sunday! I wonder why! Really weird, sorry for the lateness guys. I shoulda checked… GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: Nothin, just relaxin~ WORKIN: Monday: Watched a bit of LoGH and played MHW all day. Also, AWESOME news, I heard Berserk […]

College retrospective: Not quite the challenge I wanted…

The last of the three entries I said I’d get out this week, my friends. While the previous entry was more specific, this one is quite a bit shorter and more contemplative (and melancholy, I suppose). It’ll a general description of not just my academic progress, but my general feelings on the college experience “again” […]

Tips, Tricks, and General Attitudes That Helped This Semester

A slightly cheerier entry for you today, my friends. Although, as I said last time, I think I’ve reached the limit of my mathematical abilities, that limit’s quite a bit higher than I thought it was. I never thought I could get through even pre-calc, but I’ve managed to survive–not excel, but at least survive–through […]

Guess this is as far as I’ll go…(Gunlord and Math)

I’ll be blunt, my friends. I think I’ve discovered the limits of my mathematical abilities. There are three things I’ll explain in this post. First is why I feel this way, second is how I’ve incorporated what I’ve learned into my worldview, and third is what I’m planning to do from here on out. What […]

Resident Gunlord, Episode 9 (May 17, 2020): THE SECOND SEMESTER HAS ENDED!

Yay~ As I mentioned in a previous entry, this isn’t exactly a triumphant week for me, but a damn good one. Could certainly be worse. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: ALL FINISHED FOR NOW! WORKIN: Monday:  Finished my compsci exam! And….bombed it. This wasn’t my fault, though, at least not entirely. See, the instructors put the code […]

Not exactly triumph, but survival. The second semester of the first year of my second runthrough of college is DONE!

Post theme:   Well, this week marks the end of the second semester for me. I took my final compsci exam on Monday, and I just finished my final math exam this thursday night. Now, I should note that I don’t really have much of a break…my only summer classes start on the 26th. […]

Resident Gunlord, Episode 8 (May 10, 2020): Finals next week!

Uuuugh, this was a worse week, primarily because the weather got cold again. It’s the god damn beginning of May, what the hell is with this cold?! Ah, well…least some good stuff happened earlier. GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: OK, I think I know what’s up for my courses. Math: Just the final. Compsci:  Just the final. […]

Resident Gunlord, Episode 7 (May 3, 2020): Almost done with the second semester…

Excellent week! One thing I’m glad about is that the weather FINALLY seems to be turning…it was snowy and cold almost all of April, but from Wednesday onwards it seemed like we finally had some proper spring/summer weather! GENERAL GOAL CHECKLIST: OK, I think I know what’s up for my courses. Math: 2 more HWs, […]