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Everyone a very special, unique victim


Remember last week when I said I was busy with an important project? Well, I just handed it in on Wednesday and I am DONE (for now) with it! It was the second draft of the prospectus for my dissertation. I don’t wanna say too much about it now, cause my professors haven’t gotten back […]

Cool vid

A straight guy talking with two of his gay friends, discussing the trials they’ve dealt with in being gay *and* a minority in their countries *and* apostates from their religious community. I’m not gay m’self, but these cats seem pretty cool–wouldn’t mind buying ’em a beer sometime. If you’re interested in progressive politics, I recommend […]


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Gamergate vs Inquisition vs Creed Gamergate vs Inquisition vs Creed vs Destiny Gamergate vs Destiny vs MineCraft Gamergate vs PewDiePie vs SkyDoesMinecraft vs VanossGaming Gamergate vs Ray Rice

Wither Pickup Artistry? Advice for Young men

One of the best, most even-handed assessments of the PUA scene I’ve happened across in quite a while.

You Mean They Were Mothers and Fathers?

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Since the invention of machines their primary purpose has been to make human lives easier by allowing for the mundane activities of mankind to be outsourced to digital automation. Yet, in this quest to better humanity, the act…

Busy, busy

Gotta put the blog on hold for a bit, friends–REALLY busy with several projects. I might tell you about them when I get back, but till then, we’ll have to say adieu for a little while. ;_;