Monthly Archives: January 2019

Living the Good Life, Episode 113 (January 26, 2019): Nothing much, same as last week…

Hmm…didn’t really do much this week, just relaxed. This might be disappointing if I were under any sort of deadlines, haha, but I’m not, so…it’s all good 😀 WATCHAN: Jojo ep. 16. BADASS! Pesci thinks quickly and uses his Stand fishing hook to drop a lifeline out of the train, which the main bad guy […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 112 (January 19, 2019): Not much happening, but not too bad either…

Not an especially productive week, but a decent one all things considered. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Golden Wind ep 15: Oh damn! This episode was intense! So Mista uses his guided bullets to try and shoot the guy with the fishing hook Stand–even though he has no idea where the guy is, Mista’s little buddies can […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 111 (January 12, 2019): Busy but fun week!

Wheee! Pretty nice week this cold January. The lowdown: WATCHAN: Golden Wind ep. 14: yep, as expected, Giorno used his healing abilities to save Abbachio and reattach his arm :p So now that they’ve got the key, they have to use it at a train station, then head to Venice for their next assignment. While […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 110 (January 5, 2019): 2019 dawns!!!

Ahhh…a new year, new adventures. The first week of 2019 was very good to me! Here’s the lowdown: WATCHAN: The Jojo ep this week was just a recap 😛 Ah, well… EATAN: TIMAN: Nothing this week, Star’s relaxing 🙂 PLAYAN: Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus. As you can tell […]