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Remember last week when I said I was busy with an important project? Well, I just handed it in on Wednesday and I am DONE (for now) with it! It was the second draft of the prospectus for my dissertation. I don’t wanna say too much about it now, cause my professors haven’t gotten back […]

Random music post

I don’t have any feelings on ZZ Top in particular, but I do love this one song of theirs:     Think I may do more super-quick music posts in the future.

Musical Musings

Here’s something different for you this Friday, dear readers: A music-analysis essay! Well, my attempt at one, anyways XD I don’t have much of a grounding in music theory, but I was asked to write on it by a friend of mine. I showed him my previous entry on The Rise and Fall of the […]

Updates to my Fanfics, Music and My Writing

Updates to all my fanfictions, friends! Check em out: Anyways, here’s a brief fanfic-related musing and question for y’all this Friday. I’ve been having some unfortunate writer’s block recently, but I think I’ve managed to get back into the “writing groove,” so to speak. Just got a few hundred words done on […]